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Take Your Child to Work Day

Sarah, Client Relations Manager, & her son, Caleb.

360wichita has a new employee today…. Sarah, Client Relations Manager, brought her son to help her out today. Caleb looks very professional with his slacks and tie and a Starbucks “coffee” in hand. Check out this picture of Sarah and Caleb today for “Take Your Child to Work Day.”

A lot of times it’s hard to explain to your kids what it is you do at work. “Take Your Child to Work Day” is an amazing opportunity to let them see what it’s like to work a day in your shoes. Plus, it’s a chance for you to add a little fun to your work day!

Today, April 25th, is “Take Your Child to Work Day.” If you don’t have your kids with you, there is still plenty of time to go pick your kids up! Trust me, its fun for everyone.  

Whether your child is young or old, the experience will be equally as fun—just in different ways. The little ones will think it’s cool to hang with their parents and will like the attention. The older ones may actually learn a thing or two which may help them decide if it’s something they could see themselves doing in the future. 

by Hannah Kern


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