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Shaken Not Stirred: The Martini Shot

Shaken Not Stirred: Martini Shot

If creating thoughtful, innovative and unique films isn’t enough of a challenge, the Tallgrass Film Festival steps it up a notch with its upcoming fundraiser, Shaken Not Stirred: The Martini Shot. The event is presented by Tallgrass Film Association and filmmaker and Tallgrass Alumni, Blayne Weaver of “Favor” and “Cut to the Chase”.

Shaken Not Stirred: The Martini Shot

The event serves not only as a fundraiser for Tallgrass, but also as an additional obstacle for the aspiring filmmakers that participate in the Tallgrass 2017 Emerging Programmer Apprentices (EPAs). Guests attending the event will have the opportunity to construct a set that must be used in the final shot of the film produced by this summer’s group of EPAs. In the film industry, the final shot is known as the “Martini Shot”, for which the event is named.

The event is designed to be interactive and allow guests a chance to unleash their creativity, which, in turn, will inspire the script that the students write.

“This format is new for Tallgrass,” said Tallgrass Film Association Executive Director Marci Hawks. “In the past, the event was  based around a cocktail competition, inspired by James Bond of course, but youth education is really becoming a hallmark of what TFA offers to the community,  so we decided to put a uniquely Tallgrass spin on the event and let our guests inspire and invest in Wichita’s young filmmakers.”

Though this presents an added challenge for the EPA filmmakers, Weaver says it’s nothing they can’t handle.

“Very rarely does a filmmaker have complete control over the elements of the film. There may be a studio or producer making decisions or you might be forced to use a location, props or costumes for financial reasons or you might find an amazing location that doesn't quite fit into your narrative,” Weaver said. “The key is to be able to pivot and improvise. I look forward to seeing the creativity that will come from what is provided for the filmmakers."

See Your Name In the Credits

See Your Name In the Credits

Tallgrass Emerging Programmer Apprentices.

Guests at Shaken Not Stirred: The Martini Shot will have the unique opportunity to see their names listed in the credits of a film screened at the 15th annual Tallgrass Film Fest in October. They’ll be credited for the choices they make regarding props, wardrobe choices and even cameras used in the making of the 2017 EPA  short film. The event will feature shops for each of these things where guests can make tax-deductible purchases starting at $20.

Guests can mingle and enjoy wine, beer, and craft martinis from local establishments such as Public, Mort’s, The Anchor and The Monarch. You can grab some from The Flying Stove, listen to DJ Carbon spin some tunes and hear to a few words from Weaver, and past and present EPA students. There will be cigars from the Humidor, as well. If there’s an event to be excited for, this is it. Just ask Weaver.

“I mean, come on, it's called "Shaken Not Stirred". The word "Martini" is actually in the title of the event. It's going to be a blast,” he said. “I love what I do and being surrounded by others who share that passion for film.  Plus, I'm really excited about having a martini.”

Shaken Not Stirred: The Martini Shot will be held at Abode Venue on April 5th from 6-9 p.m., and all proceeds will benefit Tallgrass Film Association’s educational programming. Applications for the 2017 Emerging Programmer Apprentice are now open.

Experience a Day on Set with Blayne Weaver

Experience a Day on Set with B

The following day, guests are invited ta attend Weaver’s Day On Set workshop for an admission price of just $10. The filmmaker lab is open to anyone who would like to attend. The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. and Weaver will discuss script, casting, crew necessities and blocking a scene for both actors and camera. 

“I really enjoy working with young people who are interested in film and I like it when people give me a microphone so it's kind of a win-win,” Weaver said.

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