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Roasted:A Battle of Wits at Loony Bin

Roasted:A Battle of Wits at Loony Bin

On August 15th, sixteen comedians will battle it out in round one and two of the Loony Bin’s first roast battle competition. By the end of the night, only four will be left standing to move on to the August 22nd rounds three and four. In the end, only one can be the winner of the Loony Bin’s 2018 Roast Battle. Using only words and wit, these cunning comedians will work to take each other down in this no holds bard, no topics too sacred, no safe spaces to be found, roast battle. Judges will choose the best of the worst, based in large part on the audience's (that means YOU) reaction. Their reasons and strategies for this verbal bloodsport vary, but at the end of the day, it is all about having fun and entertaining the audience

Elijah Graves, the winner of the 2014 Loony Bin’s Funniest Person Contest and the Doug Stanhope of the Wichita Comedy scene, has a motivation as brutal and honest as his material, he is an egomaniac who thinks he’s a laugh riot. He, of course, is positive he will be the victor.

Eli Willem, who runs a popular comedy open mic at Barleycorn’s on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, is just looking forward to friends being able to rip each other and it be no big deal.

Randy Rowley, with his shaggy graying hair and baby face, is just looking to have fun and his strategy is to kill them with kindness. He may not win but everyone will have fun watching!

Travis Cagle, a Tulsa transplant comedian, is looking for something different and loves the challenge of writing for a specific event. Travis is predicting that by the end, people who start out liking each other may no longer and people who don’t like each other will gain respect. You will have to come and watch to see if he is correct!

Corey Smith, who is a dead ringer for a short Mr. Bean, believes it will be nice to see people who have a great sense of humor about themselves come to make fun of each other and take it like adults who can take a joke without getting upset. His strategy is simple, he is going to get ‘em!

Eric Von Reicher, whose nice guy exterior helps to soften his sometimes dark material, is just glad to finally have a sanctioned way to make fun of his friends. Eric agrees with Elijah Graves, he is definitely going to win.

Who will win? Who will cry? Will they all still be friends by the end? The only way to find out is to attend! 8/15 and 8/22 Doors at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm

You can get more information on dates and purchase tickets at www.loonybincomedy.com or call (316) 618-HAHA today!  


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