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Free Zoo Admission for 'Party for the Planet'

It's almost Earth Day! Celebrate with a Party for the Planet

Earth Day is just around the corner. This is a day each year entirely dedicated to environmental protection. If you're looking for a way to appreciate the planet other than putting out your recycling, you're in luck! This year, you can celebrate Earth Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo’s Party for the Planet! On April 21, the zoo will host an Earth Day Party presented by Meritrust and Black Hills Energy! The zoo will offer free admission all day, and guests can enjoy the Party for the Planet environmental fair festivities from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Learn to care for and protect the world we live in through a variety of hands-on and interactive activities in various locations across the zoo! Programs will focus on the conservation of natural resources and endangered species. 

Meritrust and Black Hills Energy's Party for the Planet highlights activities that are designed for children in grades three through five, but several learning opportunities will be available for the whole family!You will enjoy a day of fun and learning, and it's totally free! So stop by and check out the party! For program runtimes, locations and event descriptions, check out the list below.

Incredible Journey

Incredible Journey

Do you take water for granted? Do you turn on the faucet and wonder how the water inside finds its way to you? Now you can find out! The Incredible Journey session takes a look at all of the different steps of the water cycle. Guests will become a drop or water as they travel through the cycle and gain a first-hand understanding of the many steps in water's journey.

This session will appropriately be held in the zoo's Ocean Room, which has a maximum capacity of 50 people. The program runs for just 25 minutes, so there's plenty of time to fit it into your Party for the Planet schedule!

Rhino Rescue

Rhino Rescue

Learn about the critically endangered species, the rhinoceros. The Rhinoceros' sheer size and large horns are not always enough to protect them. This session will teach guests about threats to the species, and ways to get involved in the rescue. Rhinos need all the help they can get! Running for a total of 25 minutes, this program will be held in the Prairie Room, and has a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The Sedgwick County Zoo recently shared this fun fact about rhino's on it's Facebook page. The black rhino's upper lip is pointed, allowing it to grab twigs and brush while grazing. A white rhino's upper lip is more squared, in order to help when eating grasses that are low to the ground.

Consumption Junction

Consumption Junction

Guests attending the Consumption Junction program can look forward to learning all about sustainability! What is sustainability? How does it work? How can we modify our consumption to preserve natural resources like forests, minerals, fertile land and water?

These questions and more will be examined through a hands-on activity! During this activity, students will become consumers of natural resources. This program will be held in the Sedgwick County Zoo's Wetlands Room. The program will run for 25 minutes and will limit capacity to 50 people. 

Endangered Elephants

Endangered Elephants

Just before the opening of the zoo's new Elephant's of the Zambezi River Valley exhibit, the Party for the Planet offer a session on Endangered Elephants. This session will shed light on illegal hunting and killing of African elephants for their tusks, which are made of ivory.

Guests in this session will learn what action is being taken to help these elephants, as well as how they are able to make a difference. The 30 minute long program will help children to become elephant heroes! Located in the auditorium, this program can accommodate 200 people. 

Scavenger Hunt

In addition to these programs, Meritrust will also sponsor an Earth Day scavenger hunt at the zoo! Will the answers to the scavenger hunt questions be located around the zoo? Will they be discussed in the Party for the Planet Programs? There's only one way to find out! A full list of scavenger hunt questions can be found here. Good luck, and happy hunting! 

More Information

For more information on this event, or to register a class field trip to Party for the Planet, please send emails to bbeckler@scz.org. To learn more about the Sedgwick County Zoo, click below.


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