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Food Holidays...Say What?

Happy International Hot & Spicy Food Day! What??? Weird, I know. Most of us have heard a time or two of some weird “food holiday” that gives us an excuse to eat a chocolate cupcake or get extra whipped cream on our lattes, but how did these so called “holidays” get started?

Well, according to an article from the blog, bon appétit, these “holidays” are not actually holidays at all. Holidays imply a religious and recreational celebration such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Calling something a National Day allows it to fit into the category of observances which are “created by the federal government, either through legislation in Congress or by presidential proclamation.” These types of days occur fairly frequently throughout the year but usually do not involved food. Father’s Day and Earth Day are examples of these.

Basically, National & International Food Days are created as a marketing tool for specific products. Many businesses offer freebies to try and get people through the door. While some are used to showcase particular businesses, some of these days are created to support a food or industry that has an important impact on the economy.

While some people think these days to be stupid and a little overdone, but I believe they are a fun way to try new things and get excited about what seems to be just a regular day. If you haven't found a day for your favorite food, I say you just make one up. You never know...maybe it will catch on!

So, today is International Hot & Spicy Food Day. That means make lunch or dinner today something spicy. We have a number of restaurants that offer something hot & spicy from Mexican restaurants to Indian food. Check them all out here.

To read more on the bon appétit blog, click here

by Hannah Kern


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