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Earth Day 2013

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Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today is a great day to celebrate the earth and enjoy the nice weather outside. Tomorrow, not so much…When will it end?

Anyway, Earth Day is celebrated all across the globe, helping increase environmental awareness and increase the movement towards becoming green. There are many networks and organizations dedicated to this cause and helping schools everywhere become more in tune with helping the environment.

Many of these groups fund initiatives and programs that help reduce carbon emissions and decrease energy usage. It’s important that everyone know real ways to decrease your “carbon footprint.” Great ideas to begin this are starting your own vegetable garden. Kids love being in charge of something and it’s great to what develops. Also, encourage kids to stay away from the electronics. Not only is it a good thing for them to get outside and be active, unplugging things also reduces the amount of electricity used.

The climate has seen many changes over the years. Time and weather have taken a toll. Some change cannot be avoided, but there are ways to help reduce the impact and keep Earth looking better, longer. Join the movement and celebrate Earth Day by doing something to help keep this place we all call home, a cleaner, better and place to live.

The Sedgwick County Zoo is offering free admission to everyone at the Sedgwick County Zoo in honor Earth Day. This will be held on Thursday, April 25th, 2013. 


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