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Arbor Day

Attention, Tree Huggers. Today is Arbor Day! If you love trees, you know what that is. If not, I’ll tell you. Arbor Day is a holiday that was started to encourage individuals and groups of people to plant and care for trees.

Arbor Day falls in the same week as Earth Day. I think that having these two environmental holidays so close together really helps drive the point home of the importance of doing what we can to help our environment.

Having trees is not only attractive from an aesthetic standpoint, but they are also very beneficial in many other ways. The most commonly known benefit is they provide oxygen which we, of course, need to breathe. They also absorb harmful pollutants to make the air we breathe cleaner. Trees provide a lot of shade which helps keep you cool, reduces your energy bill and shields people from the harmful rays of the sun.

Another way to look at trees is as a home and food source. The leaves, berries, flowers and fruit produced on trees feed animals and humans. Trees are also homes for many birds, animals and insects.

Trees are a very great way to tell what season it is. The leaves, or lack thereof, do a good job of depicting the weather and what time of year it is.

A little more on the fun side of things, trees are great for climbing and building tree houses which makes playing outside a little more fun.

Hillside Nursery is having an Arbor Day celebration this weekend starting today! Get 25% off any tree this weekend only! 


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