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Can a Riverfest Button Really be Worth $300?

What is a riverfest button really worth?

For the second straight year, Riverfest buttons are being sold for $10 each. This has led many people to question the value of the festival, so we decided to see what a button was really worth. We checked on the ticket pricing for concerts and similar events around the area and used a conservative average for the same event in Wichita. 

How much is a Riverfest Button Worth?

  • Roots Concert - $23
  • Violent Femmes- $35
  • Elle King - $40
  • Naughty by Nature - $20
  • Brother's Osborne - $20
  • Fishbone - $20
  • Sinbad - $35
  • Black Top Nationals - $10 (2015 Price)
  • Thousand Horses - $29
  • Wingnuts Game - $6 (June 5th you can get into the game for free)
  • Paddle Boats- $30 (Based on $3 per ride over a potential 10 days of riding)
  • Bowl of Ice Cream at the Hiland Ice Cream Social - .$50 (Best guess)
  • River Tours - $15 (Based on other cities)
  • Lucha Libre Wrestling - $10
  • Laser Tag - $8.50 (Laser Quest's 1 game price)

This list alone makes the button worth more than $300. This doesn't include other festival events like the jet-ski races, Starlight Flotilla, beard and mustache contest and dozens of other activities. Plus... the people watching is priceless.

 *Ticket Prices based on artists next available performance/comparable event.*


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