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What to expect with a 24-hour film race

What to expect with a 24-hour film race

This weekend, the Down to the Wire 24-Hour Film Race returns for its 8th year! This film race consists of writing, filming and producing a short film with required elements in the 24-hour time frame. These specific, required elements usually include (but are not limited to) a prop, an action, and a theme.

There are some changes with this year's race with a new date and a new venue! 

This year's race will begin with a team check-in. Team producers and directors will meet at Mamafilm in Revolutia. They then go into a required meeting where they review the rules and are given their required elements. They are then released at 7 a.m., and the race begins! Finished films are due no later than 7 a.m. that Sunday.

Then on Sunday at 7 p.m. the top 15 films will be shown at the Mary Jane Teall Theatre in Century II. In the showcase, a VIP panel of judges will select a winner, hosted by Byron J. Love and Meghan Welch. The audience is also going to vote for audience choice. 

So what exactly goes into a 24-hour film race?


  • Sleep

You may be surprised that sleep would even be considered, but sleep is a key element in any film race. Teams often have a timeline of when things should be finished, and also have a buffer for things that go wrong. The only other thing that can make you sleepy is pizza and sugar. These are things you want to avoid because even though they taste great and are an easy meal, they have crashing effects on your body. 


  • A lot of Production

You must create everything within the 24-hour time frame, and that includes the script. With the inclusion of the required elements, it’s hard for anyone to have a pre-written script anyways. There are many variations of film races ranging from 12-100 hours, 24 hours being on the short end. This is especially difficult because you have a very finite amount of time for shots.


  • Fun

You're doing DTTW because... wait... why do you do it again? To create a movie... in 24 hours... just to say that you've done it and have fun. That's all your reason has to be. The root of all DTTW disasters is taking it far too seriously. Seriously, have fun. Make a movie and share it with your friends. The added cherry on top is the prize money.


For more information and ticket info, go to www.dttwfilmrace.com.


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