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What Does that Even Mean?

What Does that Even Mean?

Sayings and phrases will come and go, as do all trends. Things used to be "cool", then they were "bad" and for a while they were "rad" or "sick" now everything is "fire" and "lit." It can be tough to keep track of it all. What was once a popular, common phrase can quickly become no more recognizable than Latin. 

Here's a guide to what some of today’s slang terms mean.

Disclaimer: Parents, do not use this language as an attempt to connect with your kids; this is simply meant to allow you to better understand them.

Thanks to the Wichita Heights Forensics Team for their input and definitions!


  • BAE- acronym for "Before Anyone Else"; used romantically as a term of endearment 
    "BAE and I went to the Warren last night."
  • Basic - to be simple or stereotypical.
    "She so basic she always wears Ugg boots, a Northface jacket and loves pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks."
  • Bet - Alright or Okay
    "We're going to order Knolla's Pizza." "Bet."
  • Curve - Formerly swerve; to counter or indirectly counter and avoid someone's romantic advances.
    "I got curved by that girl I tried asking out in Old Town."
  • Feels- Emotions
    "Finding Dory caught me right in the feels." 
  • Fetch- Cool, awesome
    "Stop trying to make fetch happen, it's never going to happen"
  • Fleek- Looking good, perfect
    "Barleycorn's was on fleek the other night."
  • Fresh - clean, new, nice
    "The new airport terminal is looking fresh"
  • Fam - Close friend who you consider family.
    "Want to go look at the ring of fire at the keeper, fam?"
  • Gucci - used interchangeably with the word Good.
    "I'm sick of Kellogg construction, but it's Gucci, I know it'll pay off eventually.

  • Hype - Excited, Exciting
    “the party was hype.” or “let’s get hype.”
  • J’s - shoes, in reference to Jordan's (the brand)
    "Did you see he has the new J's?"
  • Kicks - Shoes
    "Her new kicks are looking fresh."
  • Lit - Fun, cool, awesome, the bomb, rad
    “This party is pretty lit." “Riverfest concerts were pretty lit this year.”
  • Peep- Look at something
    "You should peep the sunset down by the river sometime."
  • Squad- Group of friends
    "The squad and I like to chill at the Donut Whole."
  • Turnt- the past tense of turn up; to get excited, to start partying
    "People like to get turnt, in Old Town."
  • Yass- Like yes, but so much more than that
    “So much Yasssss.” “OMG yassssss.”
  • Yolo - acronym for You Only Live Once
    "I shouldn't go out tonight I have a test tomorrow but, whatever YOLO."


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