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Have Fun at Home When It's Too Cold To Go Out

When it’s bitter cold, the sky is gray and the air hurts your face, it’s pretty hard to make yourself want to go outside at all. If it’s one of those stay-inside-all-day days, here are some great things you can do in the comfort (and warmth) of your own home!

Play a Game

Play a Game

A day at home is the perfect opportunity to break out a board game or two! With a whole day of freedom ahead of you, you can even play a few longer games that you may not usually have time for.

Wichita-opoly, anyone? If you’re unfamiliar with Wichita-opoly, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Combining elements of the classic board game Monopoly with Wichita properties, events and icons, this game is a great way to spend a Wichita winter day.

If board games aren't your style, try coloring in the Doo Dah Doodles coloring book! This adult coloring book features images of Wichita and inspired by it, as well as a variety of fun facts and activities about our city. How cool is that? 

Kick Back with a Good Movie

Kick Back with a Good Movie

Winter movies are a little tricky because so many of them are Christmas movies. When it hits Dec. 26, finding a good film to watch can prove difficult, but it may not be quite as hard as you think.

Many of the films that are commonly regarded as Christmas films actually have nothing (or in some cases very, very little) to do with the holidays. These films earn their association with Christmas because they are set in winter and might even offer a few holiday vibes, but they’re still fair game for watching after the holidays have passed. Check out a list here.

Or, if you’re feeling especially filled with Wichita pride, you can look for recognizable shots on these films that were made right here in Wichita.

Use Those Gifts

Though Christmas Day brings a lot of excitement, those feelings don’t taper off immediately. Rather, the next days or even weeks are filled with the excitement of actually getting to use the gifts we’ve received.

You day in is the perfect time to break out those gifts, no matter what they are. Robe? Put that sucker on and relax! Karaoke machine? Sing ‘til your heart’s content. Foot bath? Bring it on. It’s your day to enjoy!

Order In

Order In

If you’ve successfully made it to dinner time without leaving the house, it would just be silly to leave now! If you get hungry, ignore the urge to grab your keys and brave the cold yourself. Instead, let someone else do the work!

Knolla’s Pizza offers a total of four locations in Wichita and delivers from both the Piccadilly Square and W. 13th Street locations. Knolla's offers fresh New York and Chicago style pizzas, as well as sandwiches, appetizers and more.

Take a break from everything, including corporate pizza on your day off!

Plan Your Next Outing

Plan Your Next Outing

Every day can’t be as cold as this one, right? Eventually you’ll want to get out of the house to go and do things with other people. It may be hard to think about right now, but we know you’ll get there.

When you’re ready, we’ve got you covered. The 360Wichita events calendar highlights everything from concerts, films and comedy to family events, sports and more. If you're making plans take a look at the event calendar by clicking below!


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