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Tank House Float Massage Review

Thank House Float Massage Review

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all and unplug from the constant barrage of notifications, texts, emails, and friend requests that seem to besiege us on a daily basis? I’m not talking about leaving your phone on the counter or turning it to silent, I’m talking about completely cutting yourself off from all the distractions of the outside world, a place where you can find time for insight and true relaxation?

This is the concept behind Tank House Float Massage, located at 133 N. Glendale St. In addition to offering a variety of massage techniques such as Swedish, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, and Reflexology, Tank House Float Massage has the only therapeutic Float Tank in the Wichita metro area.

What is a Float Tank?

The Float Tank, also known as a Sensory Deprivation Chamber, is a large pod filled with water treated with Epsom Salts. The salinization of the water causes you to float with ease. Once inside the chamber, you close the pod door and have the ability to pick from several relaxing sounds such as ocean waves, or no sound at all, and what type of lighting, if any, you want during your stay in the chamber.

Studies have shown that floating in the chamber promotes relaxation and can aid in the treatment of a wide variety of disorders such as depression, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, emotional stress, as well as aiding with chronic pain, joint health, detoxification and muscle soreness.

Visiting the Float Tank

Recently, I visited Tank House Float Massage to have my first Float Tank Experience. I arrived 10 mins early, which is recommended for your first visit, and met with Alan Goltl, owner of Tank House Float Massage.

After some brief paperwork, Alan gave me a tour of the Float Tank and we went through the proper procedure for going through a Float Tank Session. Then Alan shut me in the room with the Float Tank and I prepared for my voyage into the unknown.



Before entering the tank you must shower to remove any oils from your skin, this, in addition to the Tank’s filtration system, helps keep the Tank clean. If you have any open cuts, you must cover them with petroleum jelly to seal them, otherwise, the water, which as mentioned is heavily treated with Epsom Salts, will cause it to burn.

You also get earplugs to stop water from getting in your ears. You are also warned not to get water in your eyes or on your face if you can help it and a washcloth and spray bottle are hung inside the tank, in case you need to wipe your face.

The Float Tank Experience

Once I finished my preparations, I stepped down into the Tank and pulled the door shut. I laid back and was surprised at how easily I floated. Past trips to the ocean have taught me that I struggle with floating on my back, yet I easily laid back in the water.

I reached over and turned off the sound and the light.

I have to say the feeling of complete zero gravity with no light or other sensory information is a unique experience and in those first few moments my mind tried to grapple with the fact there were no external stimuli.

I swore I was rotating, even though there isn’t room in the tank for that, and the only sound was my own breathing and heartbeat. For the first few minutes, I felt totally relaxed. 

After a while, I felt my shoulders and legs relax even more as I got used to letting the water support me.

Benefit of Floating

Everyone’s personal experience will be different, but for me, I discovered peace and serenity like I’ve never felt before. For those who aren’t bothered by enclosed spaces, this is definitely a great experience and I plan on trying it again sometime soon.


Try it for yourself! Call 316-833-6018 to book an appointment or visit TankHouseFloat.com.


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