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ShamROCKIN' Traditions

Each holiday has its own traditions. Some of which many people know about and some are fairly rare. Sometimes people have their own personal traditions to go along with celebrations of certain holidays. St. Patrick’s Day is not so much of a serious holiday. People do not get off school or work unless, of course, it falls on spring break. St. Patrick’s Day is a very fun holiday to celebrate because the traditions and activities are always a fun time!

On St. Patty’s Day everyone wears green! It’s practically the official color of March 17th. If you do not wear green then everyone around you has the right to pinch you. Yes, pinch you. Some do it harder than others and it can really hurt so, my advice is WEAR GREEN!

Another tradition for St. Patrick’s Day is to eat Irish meals. The most common Irish meal is corn beef and cabbage. I have never heard of this until this year so it’s not a tradition I participate in. As far as festive meals go, my mom used to dye our dinner green with food coloring…..sounds pretty cool to me.

Going to watch a St. Patrick’s Day parade is a good tradition and its fun for the whole family. If it’s not something you have done before, start this year! There is a great one in downtown Delano on March 16th! There will be bagpipes (another tradition) and lots of candy.

If you spend the night out on the town you will surely run into some green beer! If you are not a fan of going out, there is always the option of staying home and watch a good Irish movie. Try “Leap Year” or the old Disney Channel classic, “The Luck of the Irish.” 

by Hannah Kern


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