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RPG & TableTop Gaming in Wichita

Break out the D20 and ready your decks—no matter where you live in Wichita, there’s a place nearby for RPG and tabletop gaming. Whether you want to hear the Call of Cthulhu, or your CCG play style is aggro or control, here’s where you can go to get your game on.

Headshots Bar & Grill

With video games, pub food and a full selection of energy drinks (Surge, anyone?) this bar was already paradise for the adult gamer. But did you know they also have tabletop games? Meet up with friends for favorites like Fluxx, Catan, Pandemic, Tsuro, Runebound, Ticket to Ride... heck, even Chutes and Ladders if you want. You’re also free to bring your own games, so if you want to sip a craft brew while you’re playing MLP:CCG, go for it. And don’t miss Tabletop Tuesdays and Geeks Who Drink Pub Trivia on Wednesday nights!

Headshots is 18+ to enter before 10 pm, 21+ after 10 pm (hours are subject to change).

Hero Complex Games & Entertainment

Hero Complex is home base for many Wichita RPG and tabletop gamers, with several local groups meeting here. Their large gaming tables can accommodate sprawling miniatures battles, epic Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon showdowns, and D&D quests. The tables are open for free use outside of the scheduled tournaments, league play and other events, so you can meet up with friends for casual gaming or tournament prep.

Bring on the caffeine for FNM at Hero Complex. (That’s Friday Night Magic for the uninitiated.) You’ll game long into the night, testing your mettle against a variety of play and deck styles. And if you’re new to MTG and want to learn, Hero Complex offers a free Learn to Play Magic class.

Hero Complex offers a huge selection of tabletop games and gaming supplies, with more miniatures than you can shake a stick at—Warhammer, D&D, Star Wars, HeroClix and more.

C&R Comics

C&R is known by local MTG players for their incredible card selection and pricing. If you’re looking for that elusive card to complete your deck, chances are they can help you find it. C&R hosts FNM, and if you want to learn or up your game, you’ll find someone there who’s happy to help you out.

This place is also a veritable treasure trove of geeky goodness, with an ever-changing selection of collectibles, action figures and retro video games. You may just hear heavenly choirs as you step in the door.

The Burrow

Head to “The Geakeasy” (ie the Burrow’s gaming and meeting rooms behind the retail floor) for D&D, Cardfight Vanguard, and free play days where you can meet up and play whatever CCG, RPG or board game strikes your fancy. There are strategy and adventure games on hand to try so you can find new favorites.

This family owned and operated “geek gift store” carries unique games, faire and cosplay gear, and fandom collectibles that will have you, well, geeking out. The Burrow is also the meetup spot for the local Whovian group...if you know what that means, you should probably be there!

Prairie Dog Comics

This West Side comic book store breaks out the tables on weekends for CCG play and tournaments, including MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh. In business for over 30 years, it’s long been a “gathering” place for the local MTG community. It’s got a great friendly vibe and helpful staff...not to mention an amazing selection of comics, collectibles and action figures. If you’re a DC, Marvel or Star Wars fan, you’ll definitely want to check these out.

Wizard’s Asylum Comics & Games

A long-time favorite of the MTG crowd, Wizard’s Asylum offers FNM, league play and tournaments. If you want to get started playing Magic, this is a great place to do it, with a free Magic clinic and casual play on Saturdays. The knowledgeable and friendly staff is also happy to help you learn other new tabletop games, and are patient through the steepest learning curves!

This family-owned and operated shop has a fantastic selection of tabletop games, comics and collectibles. You can even book MTG and Pokemon themed birthday parties here, where attendees get to learn to play and practice against one another.

Mana Vault Casual Gaming & Collectibles

A newer arrival on the game store scene, Mana Vault has quickly become a favorite of local players. The goal of Mana Vault’s owners was to create a chill gaming environment that was friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating, where players can buy/sell/trade their gaming items and collectibles.

You can play MTG here in casual, draft, standard, legacy and modern formats. FNM at Mana Vault is a mix of expert and novice players, all dedicated to having a great time at the game they love. Fans rave about the Magic set drop promotions and card selection (including older decks), organized to easily find what you need. The friendly and helpful staff is always ready to help with deck building advice.

Not into Magic? Mana Vault offers Force of Will tournaments and set drop promotions, plus a wide selection of other CCGs, RPGs (including D&D), and board games.

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Game?

Comment and let us know. And if we left your favorite place off the list, let us know so we can add it and spread the word. Game on!


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