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Presidential Candidates and Their Animal Look Alikes

Whether you're keeping up with the election news or not, you're probably familiar with at least a few of the 2016 presidential candidates. You've seen them on magazines, on newspapers, and on TV, but you probably won't see them the same way after this! Check out the slideshow below of these 2016 presidential candidates and their animal look alikes!

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Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, republican candidate and retired pediatric neurosurgeon, bears a strong resemblance to this happy little puppy, don't you think? Photos by Newsmax.com/pinterest.com.

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Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator and democratic candidate Bernie Sanders looks just like this dog. Just add a tie and a pair of glasses, and the two are almost indistinguishable! Photos by Newyorkcomedyclub.com/memegenerator.com.

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Jeb Bush

Who knew there was another member of the Bush family? Check out this picture of Jeb and Jumpy. Could Florida Governor and republican candidate Jeb Bush and this bunny actually be related? We'll find out for sure if we see Jumpy Bush on the 2020 ballot! Photos by Usnews.com/pinterest.com.

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Mike Huckabee

Arkansas Governor and republican candidate Mike Huckabee has a secret weapon come debate time: Puppy dog eyes. Who could argue with those eyes? Photos by thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/wallpapercave.com.

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Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor and republican candidate Chris Christie isn't afraid to fight for what he believes, and from the looks of it, this monkey isn't either. Photos by Twitter.com/capegazette.villagesoup.com

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Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and democratic candidate Hillary Clinton looks just like this husky! Photos by Twitter/knowyourmeme.com.

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Rand Paul

Justice never sleeps, and likely, this alpaca doesn't either. We wouldn't be surprised if he has pretty full schedule doing impersonations of Kentucky Senator and republican candidate Rand Paul. Photos by Journosnow.com/pinterest.com.

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Marco Rubio

If Florida Senator and republican candidate Marco Rubio had sent this dog as a stand-in for all of the votes he's missed during his term, no one would have known the difference. Photos by ntdtv.com/pinterest.com.

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Ted Cruz

This cat is the spitting image of Texas Senator and republican candidate, Ted Cruz. We're already sensing a new Cruz cat trend among pet shops. Photos by Realclearpolitics.com/pinterest.com.

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Donald Trump

Much like Businessman and republican candidate Donald Trump, this bird is appalled at the criticism he has received regarding his hair, which, by the way, is very real. Photos by Yahoo.com/reddit.com.


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