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National "Joe" Day!

Today just happens to be National “Joe” Day --no, not a celebration of anyone named Joe, National coffee day in simpler terms.

Most people in the working world depend on that “cup of Joe” to get them going in the morning, or sometimes keep them going throughout the day. Coffee is that extra caffeine “kick” that really wakes people up.

Some people like the flavored, sugar-loaded coffee drinks that almost make drinking it not worth it because of all the other bad things you are putting into your body. I am a fan of these sweet coffee drinks, but I also drink the boring coffee with half and half and a little sugar before work. I think it does help wake me up but I also think it’s sort of the “thing” to do when you start working and it makes me feel like a grown up….probably not the best reason to waste the calories, but it turns out there are other benefits to drinking coffee besides the caffeine burst.

During a study by the National Institutes of Health and the AARP, researchers found that those who drank 3 or more cups of coffee per day had a 10% chance of living longer than non-coffee drinkers.

Alzheimer’s disease was also said to be more scare in those who drank 3 cups of coffee daily.

In other studies skin cancer, risk of stroke and Parkinson’s disease were all reduced in those who drank more than 3 cups of coffee each day. It was also proven that coffee is good for your heart and those who drink it are less likely to suffer from heart failure. To learn more about the benefits of drinking coffee, click here.

Maybe drinking coffee because you feel like you should is a good thing but it’s because of the proven benefits instead of just the cool factor. So, think twice before you skip your morning coffee. If you want a delicious cup of coffee, visit Auntie Mae’s Café or Riverside Café to get your fix and celebrate National “Joe” Day! 


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