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National Cat Day

Even though our cats don't need us (and have absolutely no apprehensions about showing it), we love having them around. They've taught us a lot of important things, like why we should never leave a glass of water unattended, and why scratching  posts were invented in the first place. If you've got a cat, or two or 10, show it a little extra love today. 

From all of the cats of 360Wichita.com, Happy National Cat Day!

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Kyla's cat, Lipp

Here is my precious baby boy Lipp! He enjoys eating entire bags of treats in one sitting, sleeping on shoes, walking under my feet when I go down the stairs, and his tail is constantly curled around in a circle so that the tip touches the back of his head.

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Kyla's cat, Lunchbox

This is my other precious baby boy Lunch (Lunchbox). He and Lipp are brothers. He likes to sneak outside at any given chance, sleep in window sills, catch bugs, and meow incessantly at about midnight every night. Lunch is silky soft, loves to go outside, likes his face to be scratched, walks around with a stuffed animal mouse, can jump super high, and enjoys sleeping in cardboard boxes.

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Lipp and Lunch Hangin' Out

Lipp and Lunch are adorable little brothers who we adopted from the Humane Society. They are both ridiculous.

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Paul's cat, Princess

Princess loves her some cookies! At least, she thinks she does, because she thinks she's people.

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Brandon and Jennifer's cat, Vex

We had always joked about someday getting a little orange cat named Vector. One morning out of the blue, a pitiful, starving orange cat wandered up the driveway. She was promptly fed the finest can of tuna and the rest is history. With no tags or microchip, she quickly became our newest family member. This is Vector, AKA Vex AKA Vector Vector Shmekctor Meow Meow Kitty Kitty Kit Kat. She enjoys spending her golden years soaking up the sun, singing the song of her people, and keeping her two Jack Russell siblings in line.

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Andrew's cat, Felix

Felix is a 5 year old house cat. He was previously named Carlos. We got him from a friend when he was just a few months old. He was really hyper and destructive as a kitten, but he was so adorable I forgave him easily. Felix is mostly an outdoor cat, but when he's indoors, he follows me around the house. When I settle down somewhere, he settles for a nap near me, anywhere he deems comfortable. His favorite spot is on top of the printer.

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Charlene's cat, Illyria

To look at Illyria, you'd never know she spent her first three years on the streets as a feral cat. Nearly 10 years later, she's completely adapted to life as a housecat...but she hasn't lost a bit of the courage and smarts that helped her survive against the odds. Undeniably the matriarch of the household, Illyria is wise, gracious and loving. She's named for the appropriately regal Illyria from Angel:The Series.

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Charlene's cat, Wiress

One-year-old Wiress had a tough start in life. As a tiny kitten, she was found all alone on the engine of a car. Thankfully, she was brought to Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection (LAPP), where she met her human, Charlene! Absolutely nothing gets this copper-eyed cutie down. As ingenious as her Hunger Games namesake, Wiress enjoys finding inventive ways to liberate cat treats from cupboards.

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The 360 Wichita crew can boast an Internet-famous cat! Charlene's cat, Spike, wears a replica of the Master's robe from 1966 cult film favorite "Manos: The Hands of Fate." Widely considered the worst film ever made, "Manos" was forgotten for decades until it was featured on an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Since then, it has gained a passionate and devoted following. Spike's Master's robe isn't any ordinary costume. It was custom-made for him by artist Jackey Raye Neyman-Jones, who played Debbie in the film! Her father, Tom Neyman, played the Master himself, and her mother made the original robe. "Manos" fans affectionately refer to Spike as "Gatos: Paws of Fate" or "The Meowster." Though he passed away last year at the ripe old age of 19, Spike's memory lives on every time a fan smiles at his photo.

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Naythan's cat, Scamper

Scamper exists in a perpetual cycle of almost being asleep or actually napping. He grew up in a storm drain down the street and still visits on a daily basis, presumably to nap in a different climate or stay in tune with the underground cat culture.

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Naythan's cat, Hurley

Hurley is a giant 17 pound fluffball who excels at being a door greeter and master of the nap. His oddly high-pitched meow is frequently employed in order to request more petting.

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Naythan's cat, Pixel

Pixel is an avid bird watcher, going so far as to coo like a bird rather than meow like a cat. Adding to the question of identity, she also enjoys sitting on a shoulder in the fashion of a parrot.

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Garion's cat, Rogue

This is Rogue! She's 4 years old and she's not that into you. Her name comes from the X-Men comic book character, Rogue, because when she was younger she had one small white streak at the top of her head. She loves the outdoors and can often be found residing under the couch when strangers visit. Her favorite things include reminding you that she needs to go outside, chasing laser pointers and going into attack mode for those unlucky moths that make it into the house. She's a black cat, but she's actually quite lucky. We rescued her after we found her malnourished and hanging on for life...literally.

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Garion's cat, Cortana

Say hello to Cortana! She's 5 years old and yes, named after the game character. She loves to meet new people and to chew on plastic grocery bags. If you call her, she will listen and even come to you like a dog if you ask her to. Often, you will find her laying upside down on her back, but it's okay, she's just resting. She'll be up running around soon enough. If you need to get her on your good side, just bring out the hair brush - she can't get enough of it!

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Ashleynn's cat, Nike

Hello humans, My name is Nike and I run the farm. I do what I want, when I want. I am the largest cat on the farm that isn't scared of anything. I rule my kingdom and my humans, Ashlynn and Talan. They give me love and food when I give them my deathly glare. My pal is Baby, a black and fearless hunter of snakes, rats, rabbits, chickens and even birds straight out of the air. He is my pal because we like to practice fighting with each other. We grew up together and are so close that we clean each other sometimes. Baby is his name because he likes the humans attention and will even rely on them to caught him when jumping straight into their arms, ridiculous. I don't want to be touched, and the rare occasion be petted. There is a little kitten running around with us now. Her name is Lily and a hand full. She loves to play and play and play some more. She continues to pounce on me, I really don't understand why I am her favorite. I try and try to get rid of her by hissing and batting her on the head. She just doesn't learn. Anyways I think it's time for a cat nap in my favorite spot, the combine. See you later humans, or not. I really don't mind being alone.

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Ashlynn's cat, Baby

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Ashlynn's cat, Lily

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Ryan's cat, Little Kitty

"Little Kitty", whose name has remained the same since the day she appeared, is a sociable cat who loves attention and a good scratch. You can often find her lounging in the sun on the driveway, where she warmly greets her people!


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