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Kansas Haunted Places

Kansas Haunted Places

Stull Cemetery, via pinterest.com.

It’s nearly Halloween, and that means it’s haunting season! From haunted houses to places that are known to have a history of haunting, Kansas has it all. Check out these five places in Kansas that are known to be haunted, according to sites like hauntedplaces.org, the shadowlands.com and more.


we have compiled these results based on previous reports of supernatural activity, and cannot confirm the existence of any supernatural forces or activity. This information is to serve for entertainment purposes only, and we request that you act respectfully at these locations.

Stull Cemetery, Stull, Kansas

Known as the location of one of the gateways to hell, the Stull Cemetery is located in Stull, Kansas, a small town not far from Lawrence. Allegedly, the devil himself had a child with a witch who was hanged from a tree in the cemetery, and the child was killed. The tree has since been cut down, and the remains of the church that once stood on the grounds have been removed. Many stories suggest that an occult used to meet in the cemetery. It has also been said that the devil returns to the cemetery on Halloween Night to visit the witch’s grave.

The cemetery recently gained national attention when popular music artist Ariana Grande reported a supernatural encounter at the Stull cemetery while on a trip to Kansas City. The singer claimed she felt an oppressive feeling of darkness and smelled Sulphur, which is known to be a sigh of the presence of a demon.

Theorosa's Bridge, Valley Center, Kansas

Theorosa’s Bridge, Valley Cent

Theorosa's Bridge, via wikimedia.com.

Just north of Valley Center, which is on the north side of Wichita, the 109th Street Bridge is said to be haunted. Known as Theorosa’s Bridge, its story varies a bit. Basically, they all suggest that a child was drowned by its mother in Jester Creek, just below the bridge. There have supposedly been reports of cries, unusual weather changes, unexplained car trouble and ghost sightings. The bridge burned in the 1970’s, but has since been reconstructed. Some believe that if you call out to Theorosa, she will appear.

The Broadview Hotel, Wichita, Kansas

Located on Douglas in down town Wichita, The Drury Broadview Plaza Hotel has been linked to some supernatural activity. Supposedly, the lights will flicker in the rooms, but never in the hallways. Some have said that just seconds after closing the door to certain rooms, the furniture is completely rearranged. It has also been suggested that the doors will shake, but there is nothing on the other side when they do.

Derby Cemetery, Derby, Kansas

The Kansas Aviation Museum, Wi

Kansas Aviation Museum, via kansasaviationmuseum.org.

Some suggest that the Derby cemetery is haunted. It has been alleged that unknown presences can be felt, and in some instances, ghostly apparitions have been reported.  Some have heard strange noises while visiting, as well.

The Kansas Aviation Museum, Wichita, Kansas

It has been said that some eerie activities take place at Wichita’s Kansas Aviation Museum after hours. Supposedly, happy voices can be heard chatting, music from the 1940’s plays, and apparitions have even been reported.

Do you know of other haunted places in Kansas?

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