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Hartman Arena

Hartman Arena is an all-purpose arena in Park City, Kansas, just outside of Wichita. Hartman Arena hosts many concerts, trade shows, and events, and they are home to Wichita’s premier indoor soccer and football teams, the Wichita Wings and the Wichita Wild.

Wink Hartman’s brilliant arena broke ground in 2007, and was finished up by 2008. The ecological design is energy efficient and uses a number of recycled materials in the structure of the building and the parking lot. The unique design has a subterranean layout meaning it basically sits in a bowl below the surface of the ground. Not only does this save money and energy on heating and cooling, it creates a format that leaves no bad seat in the house.

Hartman arena can seat up to 6,500 people for concerts, and around 5,000 for sporting events. With 20-acres of on-site parking, very large and clean restrooms, and two party rooms, Hartman Arena is the perfect event venue. There are also several concession stands throughout the concourse where a variety of food and beverages are served. 

With the return of the legendary Wichita Wings last November, Hartman Arena has become their new home.  Fans from across the Wichita metro area come out to Hartman to support the Wichita Wings. The Wichita Wings were a big sensation before their decade-long hiatus that ended upon their return in 2011.

Whether you're a soccer fan or not, the atmosphere of Hartman is hard to beat. That may be why Hartman is considered one of the best arenas, with the best fans, in the league. Take a look at some pictures I took at the game on November 9th.

For more information about Hartman Arena and the events they host, visit their 360wichita page.

by Hannah Kern


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