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Geek out In ICT: Five Comic Book Covers We Love

Here’s the truth. I read and keep track of comics for their covers. Comic covers allow for current trends to live, and unfortunately die, right in front of our eyes. As preferences for art styles of the world change, so do comic covers. One of the best things about a new comic run is hearing the artist’s name and seeing how they take a character to a new place. That one piece of artwork will dictate how we go into the story; setting up the context for the whole piece.

And sometimes...they are just awesome!

Today, I want to throw out some of my favorites. So, without further ado and in no particular order.

Green Arrow #2 Quiver Part 1

Green Arrow #2 Quiver Part 1

Cover: Phil Hester

The focus on the arrow is on point (pun intended...) and I adore the choice of that emphasis. Green is a very charismatic color when placed against the dark background on the right side. Plus, Kevin Smith helped to write this run.

Fables #71

Fables #71

Cover: Joao Ruas

You know the old fairy tales you were told as a child? Gritty, colorful and an interesting spin on old tales make for great comics. For this cover though, we see Cinderella featured on the front cover. It’s a bit reminiscent of other espionage character posters, but the real question is...how did the artist pull out sex appeal by covering up the character? It’s a welcome surprise for a genre that usually removes too much to gain more sex appeal.

Nightwing #124

Nightwing #124

Cover: Jock

This is wicked good use of open space. The free fall gives a lot of tension across this open, calm sky. Nightwing is a pretty cool character in general, but this cover knocks it out of the park.


Captain America #332

Captain America #332

Cover: Mike Zeck & Klaus Janson

Captain America (Steve Rogers) resigns his old identity in response to being ordered by the government. He would take on the new name "The Captain" with a black costume instead. The stars and stripes on the cover are made out of blood... what a powerful image. Cap has been the poster boy (sometimes literally) for America for so long and finally breaks down. The imagery is perfect for this part of the story.

The Amazing Spider-Man #252

The Amazing Spider-Man #252

Cover: Ron Frenz and Klaus Janson

Let’s get this out of the way. Spider-Man is THE BEST. I really believe that no other hero has had as large an impact on “geek culture” as Spider-Man. Every nerd has secretly wished they could get bit by a radioactive spider, become super and get the girl. Some might have even tried to make that happen*.

In an homage to Amazing Fantasy Vol. 1 #15, we see the first appearance of The Black Suit. I read this comic constantly. It’s still my all-time favorite and helped to bring forward Spidey’s most infamous foe: Venom. Eventually (in #300) we would see Eddie Brock’s Venom, but #252 is where it all started.

*Obligatory “Don’t Try This At Home” warning. But seriously. Spider Senses. MJ.

Got a favorite cover you didn’t see?

Let us know in the comments below! We want to hear what your favorite covers are.

Avengers Assemble

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