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Fictional Characters from Kansas

With so many fictional characters calling Kansas home, you'd think our airport shops and Kansas stores would be filled with more than "Wizard of Oz" merchandise. Check out these Kansas characters!

Dorothy Gale - Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale

Wizard of Oz © 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer

If you didn't know that "The Wizard of Oz" character, Dorothy Gale, was from Kansas, you've likely been living under a rock. The film is known for the "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" line, but did you know that isn't actually the line at all? It's true. The line is so commonly misquoted that people fail to notice it anymore. The actual line that Dorothy, portrayed by Judy Garland, says is "Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore". The more you know, right? If that's not proof enough, the fact that a tornado is what spirals (literally) Dorothy's life into calamity sounds about right for a movie set in Kansas, don't you think? In addition, Dorothy's family members, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry, as well as her beloved dog, Toto, hail from Kansas, too.

Sam and Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester - Supe

Supernatural © 2005 Kripke Enterprises, Warner Bros. Television, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Supernatural Films

Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively) are from Lawrence, Kansas. Raised by their father, John, the boys' mother was killed by an evil supernatural being when they were very young.

Together, the brothers follow in their father's footsteps, hunting supernatural beings. They do so in hopes of destroying the very being that killed their mother (and Sam's girlfriend, Jessica, many years later). They live on the road and hunt evil beings as they go. 

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog © 1999, Cartoon Network, Stretch Films

Eustace and Muriel Bagge and Courage the Cowardly Dog live in an old farmhouse in the fictional town of Nowhere, Kansas. Exterior views of the house reveal that it is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, as there are no other buildings, landmarks or otherwise identifying characteristics as far as the eye can see. All that stands in the fictional town are the farmhouse and the windmill in its front yard. Despite this, traveling salesmen, caravans of circus performers and countless other up-to-no-good passers-by make appearances. Each time, the aptly named Courage the Cowardly Dog must save his owners Muriel and Eustace from the chaos that ensues. Muriel loves Courage, but grumpy old Eustace constantly berates the dog and seems to take pleasure in scaring him whenever possible. 

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace

Via dennisthemenace.com.

Dennis the Menace began as a comic strip created by Hank Ketcham in 1951. Since then, the story of five-an'-a-half-year-old Dennis Mitchell has been adapted into two movies, a television series, an animated television series and a musical. Dennis's hometown of Wichita, Kansas wasn't revealed until 1990. Dennis is inquisitive, imaginative and quite a handful! Always getting himself into trouble, Dennis can be hard to catch. Henry Mitchell, Dennis's father, is an aerospace engineer who relates well to Dennis. His mother, Alice Mitchell, is a stay-at-home mom who's always ready to offer a hug. Ruff Mitchell, the family's dog, and Hot Dog the cat, round out the Mitchell Family. Dennis's neighbor, Mr. Wilson, is a retired postal worker. Dennis considers Mr. Wilson his best adult friend, though Wilson is often annoyed by Dennis. Learn more.

Clark Kent/Superman - Superman

Clark Kent/ Superman

Superman © DC Comics. Via dccomics.com.

Originally named Kal-El, the young boy who would later become Superman was adopted by Johnathan and Martha Kent who would change is name to Clark. Clark Kent is, of course, the secret identity of Superman. Beginning as a DC Comic, Superman has been adapted numerous times into tv series, movies and more. The Kents live in Smallville, Kansas. Though it's never been expressly stated, numerous similarities allude to the fact that the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas is actually Hutchinson, Kansas. Don't believe us? Check out this list of similarities. In 2013, Hutchinson's name was changed to Smallville for a day, and every June the city is home to the Smallville Comic Con. Pretty cool, huh? In addition to Clark Kent/Superman, many other noteworthy characters are from Smallville, too, including Chloe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang and Conduit.

Cousin Eddie - National Lampoon's Vacation

Cousin Eddie - National Lampoo

National Lampoon's Vacation © 1983, Warner Bros.

The 1983 movie "National Lampoon's Vacation" follows the Griswold Family as they go on a cross-country vacation to the amusement park Walley World. Starring Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold, the film follows the family through a series of unbelievably funny situations. 

Cousin Eddie is from Coolidge, Kansas, where he lives on a farm. Portrayed by Randy Quaid, Eddie is the husband of Ellen's (Beverly D'Angelo) cousin, Catherine (Miriam Flynn).

Only briefly involved in the film, Eddie and Catherine send a very cranky Aunt Edna and her mean dog, Dinky, with the Griswolds, requesting that they drop them both off at her son's home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mary Ann Summers - Gilligan's Island

Mary Ann Summers

Gilligan's Island © 1964, Columbia Broadcasting System, Gladysya Productions, United Artists Television

The 1964 television series "Gilligan's Island" featured a small cast of characters. Among them was Mary Ann Summers (portrayed by Dawn Wells).

Hailing from Winfield, Kansas, Summers appeared in all but one episode of the series. The show chronicles seven men and women who become stranded on an uncharted island when they are shipwrecked during a torrential storm.

Accompanying Summers on the Island are the ship's Skipper; the first mate, Gilligan; a millionaire couple named the Howells; movie star, Ginger Grant and a science professor known as the Professor.

Matt Dillon and Festus Haggen - Gunsmoke

Matt Dillon and Festus Hagen -

Gunsmoke © 1955, Arness Production Company, Columbia Broadcasting System, Filmaster Productions

"Gunsmoke" aired for 20 years, offering a total of 635 episodes. Each of those episodes featured Matt Dillon (James Arness), the Marshall who keeps the peace in Dodge City, Kansas, a then rough-and-tumble town.

In a wild west town where folks have little respect for the law, the Marshall's got his work cut out for him. From gunfights and brawls to fraud, Marshall Matt Dillon's got a lot to handle.

The stubborn and illiterate Festus Haggen (Ken Curtis) also hails from the Kansas town of Dodge City. 

Senator Robert Kelly - Marvel Comics

Senator Robert Kelly - XMen

Via ComicVine.gamespot.com.

Marvel's Senator Robert Kelly appears in X-Men and X-Men-related comics. Senator Kelly serves as the antagonist often, as he has a strong anti-mutant platform.

Since the X-Men are all mutants, this puts them at odds with the republican Senator, who hails from Kansas. Over time, however, Senator Kelly becomes more open-minded towards mutants, even offering to work for the rights of the mutants in the early 2000s.

In the X-Men films, Senator Kelly is portrayed by Bruce Davidson. 



Marmaduke © 2010, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Regency Enterprises, Davis Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Dune Entertainment III, Intrigue

The comic strip turned 2010 Hollywood movie "Marmaduke" chronicles the happenings of Marmaduke, a mischievous Great Dane who moves from his home in Kansas to Orange County, California. Marmaduke, known for his antics, finds himself in several exciting but sticky situations as he attempts to adjust to his new surroundings.

In the film, Marmaduke is voiced by Owen Wilson, and "Marmaduke" features the voices several other noteworthy actors including Fergie, George Lopez, Emma Stone and Kiefer Sutherland.

Cameron Mitchell - Stargate SG-1

Cameron Mitchell - Stargate S1

The 1997-2007 television action-adventure drama Stargate SG-1 aired 213 episodes in its 10 years. Of those, Cameron Mitchell, a Kansas-born character appears in 40 episodes from 2005-2007. 

Stargate SG-1 tells an exciting story of a top-secret military team called SG-1. This team has been formed to explore recently discovered Stargates. Lt. Colonel Mitchell, played by Ben Browder, is a United States Air Force pilot. Enthusiastic about the opportunity to explore space, Mitchell joins the team and reluctantly becomes the new Commanding Officer.

Bailey Pickett - Suite Life On Deck

Bailey Pickett - Suite Life On

Suite Life On Deck © 2008, Bon Mot Productions, Danny Kallis Productions, It's A Laugh Productions, Walt Disney Television

Disney Channel's 2008-2011 spin-off series "Suite Life on Deck", which starred twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse, featured a character from Kansas, as well.

Bailey Pickett, portrayed by Debby Ryan, comes from the fictional town of Kettle Corn, Kansas. She earns her spot on the boat by appearing on the show dressed as a boy because all of the girls' spots had been filled.

Initially, she rooms with Zack (Dylan Sprouse), but is moved to a room with London Tipton (Brenda Song) when she reveals that she is a girl. Cody (Cole Sprouse) has a crush on Bailey, who has the ability to talk to pigs. 

Sam "The Squid" Dullard - Rocket Power

Sam "The Squid" Dullard - Rock

Rocket Power © 1999, Klasky-Csupo, Nickelodeon Network

Sam "The Squid" Dullard from the 1999-2004 animated Nickelodeon series "Rocket Power" is also a Kansan.

From Hutchinson, Kansas, The Squid moved to Ocean Shores California with his recently-divorced mother. Introduced in the first episode, The Squid isn't the new kid on the block for long!  

Sam befriends Otto, Twister, and Reggie. Sam is an intelligent kid, typically serving as a voice of reason for the other children. His intuition and good judgment are often the only things that stand between the kids and some dangerous situations.

Gog - DC Comics

Gog - Spiderman

Via comicvine.gamespot.com.

Gog, the DC Comics villain, made his debut in February of 1998. Though different versions of Gog have appeared since, the first version was originally named William Matthews.

The sole survivor of a nuclear disaster in Kansas that occurred as a result of a fight between the Parasite and the Justice League. William had idolized Superman, even to the extent of creating a church for him. When Superman himself visited and confirmed that he was not a god, William's (Gog) hopes were shattered. He was so devastated that he became mentally unbalanced and decided that Superman was his enemy. 

Flora - Winx Club

Flora - Winx Club

Winx Club © 2004, Rainbow S.r.l

The Winx Club animated series began in 2004. Still airing, it has a total of 138 episodes out to date.

Taking place in a magical world where witches and wizards must fight in the name of good versus evil, five girls are chosen to defend the universe.

Among those chosen is Flora, voiced by Kerry Williams and appearing in 74 episodes.

Though the show indicates that Flora is from Planet Linphea, many fans of the series have gathered that she is from Kansas.

Flint, Cutter, Crankcase, Lightfoot, Barricade - G.I. Joe

Flint, Cutter, Crankcase, Li

The G.I. Joe Series features several characters from Kansas, including Flint, a Chief Warrant Officer from Wichita, Kansas; Crankcase, Corporal E-4, from Lawrence, Kansas; Lightfoot, who specializes in explosives, from Wichita, Kansas; Barricade, a sergeant from Pittsburg, Kansas and Cutter, a Junior Grade Coast Guard Lieutenant born in Kinsley, Kansas. 

Bulldozer - Marvel Comics

Bulldozer - Marvel Comics

Via Marvel.wikia.com.

A Kansas Native U.S. Army master sergeant, Henry Camp, was discharged from the service.

As a result, he turned to a life of crime and ended up in prison with a villain, the Wrecker, (devoid of his power at this point) and a few other men who band together to escape.

In the process, the Wrecker's power is restored and Henry Camp becomes Bulldozer. The two, with other now-super inmates Thunderball and Piledriver, the men then become the Wrecking Crew.  Read more here.

Chemistro - Marvel Comics

Chemistro - Marvel Comics

Via comicvine.gamespot.com.

Born Calvin Carr in Kansas City, Kansas, Marvel's Chemistro also makes the list.

After spending 10 years in prison, Calvin visits his brother, Curtis (Chemistro), with the intention of stealing the Alchemy gun that Curtis created.

Stealing the gun and the Chemistro alias, Calvin chose to pursue life as a villain. The new Chemistro battled Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Calvin Carr's version of Chemistro used a pair of wrist-blasters, which had been designed by the Wizard. The blasters functioned exactly as the alchemy gun had.

Michael Dorie - Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics character Michael Dorie calls Kansas home. Dorie has got some unique abilities. Though he's technically a human, he's a telekinetic mutant.

According to ComicVine, His abilities make him the only human on the planet that is not affected by the mind control of alien-like entity, Harvester. Harvester is sent out by aliens to "farm" planets. When his efforts on Earth were unsuccessful, however, the planet's Shaman, Nate Grey takes notice. Grey must sacrifice his own life to defeat Harvester, and Dorie takes his place as Shaman.


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