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East Vs. West: Attitudes

East Vs. West: Attitudes

There’s a better side of town for food, and there's a better side for shopping and entertainment. There’s also a better side of town for traffic and driving. But, which side of town has the best attitude? We asked and you answered in our East or West survey, and the responses stated that East siders drive too fast and are stuck up snobs meanwhile west siders are laid back but mean people who can’t drive and apparently dress like they’re at Walmart all the time. (These are from the survey and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of 360Wichita.com or it’s employees). Since most of the above traits can’t be inherently good nor bad we can’t pick a clear winner.

One thing we were able to conclude from our survey was that while certain stereotypes did prevail there was not a shortage of both sides saying the exact same thing about the other side.

So far in this series this has been where we define the borders as everything east of I-135 being the “East Side” with everything west of the river as “West Side” and the space in between is downtown which no one side can claim. When it comes to attitude however, geographical location can’t define it, you may live on the east side but be a west sider at heart and vice versa. So to this we are saying you are whichever side you feel best represents yourself.

Here’s a few quotes we picked out to represent the varying opinions of either side:

  • "East siders are more on the go, west siders are more laid back (slower pace on the west side)"
  • "East siders can be snobby, but West siders can be just outright mean/rude."
  • "East sider: Mc Mansion Dwelling professional. West side: Mc Mansion Dwelling soccer mom"
  • "East: I drive an Audi really fast trying to get to Bradley fair. West: suburbia problems"
  • "East side is rich and snobby, west is old rich and maybe a little nicer"


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