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15 Shocking Clickbait Headlines You’ll Only Click in Wichita

15 Shocking Clickbait Headlines You’ll Only Click in Wichita

Facebook has introduced a new algorithm to crack down on constant clickbait cluttering everyone's news feeds. Here’s a few local headlines we won’t be able to use in the future.  

1. He found this under the toilet at Morts, what he did with it is genius.

2. You’ll be outraged when you see what Kirstie Alley did at Taco Shop.

3. You won’t believe what this guy did to the Wichita Flag (number 7 isn’t even legal).

4. Kellogg isn’t closing, but what’s happening is even worse.

5. I left my daughter at the Donut Whole, when I came back she was...

6. Fifteen things Gov. Brownback keeps in his desk drawer. Number 7 will change your opinion of him forever.

8. She smelled something strange on the south side, what she found will shock you to the core.

9. This couple skied down the Arkansas River, what happened next is disturbing.

10. This Old Town bathroom hack will change your life forever.

11. What Joe Walsh gave to Sam Brownback will leave you speechless.

12. Proof that aliens are watching the Keeper of the Plains? Number 7 will leave you speechless.

13. You’ll cry when you realize why she’s no longer allowed in the Sedgwick County Zoo Jungle.

14. Construction workers found a secret room in the Sedgwick County Courthouse, what was inside will sicken you.

15. The one thing Wichita’s wealthiest families do before they turn on their smart phone.


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