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Bang for Your Buck: Fireworks Assortment Package Deals

It's time to start buying fireworks! If you're looking to get some extra bang for your buck, consider purchasing an assortment pack of fireworks. They sell for far below the price they retail for, and you've got a whole fireworks show in one purchase. Take a look at some of these assortment package deals we've seen around town!

TNT Fireworks Hot Zone


The $39.99 TNT Hot Zone assortment features a variety of fireworks like Southern Night, Rain Dance, Mother Nature, Golden Shower, Rose Blossom, Global Light, Blazing Rebel and more.

This is a great in between assortment, if you'd like to get a package deal and pick out a few of your own individual fireworks as well. This product is safe and sane, which means that it complies with most state laws restricting fireworks.

Learn more about this package here.

Pyro City The Godfather

Pyro City The Godfather


Pyro City's the Godfather package is filled with 500 grams, artillery shells, multi-shots and fountains. the package stands six feet tall and weighs over 100 pounds.

The Godfather has got everything you need for a great fireworks show.  

We found this package at Farha's Blockbuster Fireworks on Rock Road, just north of 63rd Street (Patriot Avenue) in Derby. It's priced at $499.99.

Get package details here.

Jake's Fireworks Instigator

Jake's Fireworks Instigator


If you're a fan of artillery shells, The Instigator by Jake's Fireworks is the way to go. Priced at $299.99, this package includes 84 reloadable shell, featuring singles, doubles, triples, canisters and quads. 

Silver and green glitter, purple peony and crackling stars, green and crackling stars to silver and purple stars, blue and silver glitter to purple and crackling stars, green peony to red peony and blue peony to purple peony are just a few of the dozens of displays included in this set. 

We saw the Instigator at the Boomtown Fireworks tent in Deby on Patriot Avenue. 

Check out the Instigator online.

TNT Fireworks All American

TNT Fireworks All American


Also at the east Pawnee TNT Fireworks tent (and likely other TNT Tents around town) the All American assortment is priced at $79.99. It retails for over $150, so you save over $70 buy purchasing the package. If that's not enough, some locations offer a free Chart Topper firework (valued at $19.99) with the purchase of the All American package. 

This Package features fireworks like Dixie Dust, 1-2-3 Go, Bizarre, Golden Shower Fountain, Wild Dogs, Glittering Fountain and more. 

More information is available here.

Boomtown Fireworks Fourth of July Backpack

Boomtown Fireworks Fourth of


Priced at $14.99, the 4th of July Backpack is a 10 piece set with fireworks kids will enjoy! (All childrenshould be heavily supervised when around fireworks.)

The backpack features two tanks, one large tank, one aircraft carrier, one frog, two hens, one rubber ducky, one tortoise, three kinds of planes and more! 

The Fourth of July Backpack can be found at Boomtown Fireworks locations. Learn more here.

TNT Fireworks Big Timer

TNT Fireworks Big Timer


The Big Timer by TNT Fireworks is priced at $149.99. Retailing at $229, this bundle saves you nearly $80. We found this package at the TNT Tent on East Pawnee, but most TNT retailers carry the same inventory.

The Big Timer higlights such fireworks as Fire Hunter's Fountain, Hot Shot, Glittering Fountain, Sparkling Glory, Golden Shower Fountain, Eagle Fountain, Blazing Rebel and more. 

More information about the Big Timer is available here.

Pyro City The Big Ego

Pyro City The Big Ego


Pyro City's The Big Ego assortment  can be found at Farha's Block Buster Fireworks in Rock Road, just north of 63rd Street (Patriot Avenue) in Derby.

Priced at $299, this package includes  fireworks like Black Mamba, Hot and Spicy, Full View, Blindsided, Wrecking Balls and more. With  Multi-shot aerials, artillery shells, even 500 gram cakes, it's sure to impress all your friends and neighbors.

To get further details on this package, click here.


BIG Fireworks National Pride Assortment

National Pride Assortment


The National Pride assortment pack from BIG Fireworks is indeed big. With a $299 price tag, this package comes with fireworks like Lockdown, Game Changer, Challenge Accepted, One Eyed Jack, Ace of Spades, and many more. 

Pick it up at Farha's Block Buster Fireworks tent on Rock Road, just north of Derby. 

To learn more about this package, click here.

TNT Fireworks 49'er



Yet another TNT Fireworks assortment package, the 49'er is appropriately priced at $49.99. With a retail value of $90, you save $40. We found this deal at the TNT tent on north Rock Road in the Walmart parking lot, though other TNT retailers likely offer the same deals. 

This package includes Rain Shower, Gold Dust, Mr. Crackle, Pyro Fire, Sparkling Glory and more. 

Find out more about the 49'er here.

Pyro City

Pyro City


Pyro City's assortment by the same name is priced at $179.99 and includes Wrecking Balls, Power Force, Mission Critical, Hammer and more. 

You can find this at Farha's Blockbuster Fireworks on Rock Road, just north of Derby. This package has it all, and it'll be the talk of the town on the Fourth of July!

To learn more about the Pyro City assortment package, click here.

TNT Fireworks Perfect Show

 Priced at $99.99, this assortment pack can be found at the TNT Fireworks tent on east Pawnee, in the parking lot of Walmart at the intersection of Pawnee and Broadway. (It can also likely be found at other local TNT Fireworks retailers.)

This package includes fireworks such as Pyro Fire, Color Shock, Sparkling Glory, Global Lights, Blazing Rebel, Unglued, 1-2-3 Go, Pyro Fan and many more. This package has a retail value of $200, so you save about 50% buy buying the assortment package!

Learn more about this package here.



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