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April Fools

April Fools is the one day of the year where you can never be sure what is real and what is fake; especially when the pranks seem so real.

I think April Fools jokes lighten the mood as long as they are harmless. It’s important to know when to draw the line.

If you’re thinking of pulling an April Fools prank, here are some ideas to keep it fun and still get a good laugh.

  1. Get an empty box lid and place it on a board. Frost the box as if it were a cake. Take the cake to whoever you want to prank…you may want to have a real cake on hand because they’re likely to be disappointed.
  2. If you’re at the office, change a co-workers business card so that it has a typo. This requires some planning and a little bit of an investment, but it’s worth it. Replace a few of the incorrect ones with their regular ones and casually point out the mistake. They will go a little crazy thinking they have been handing out the wrong business cards!
  3. Use a pin to poke a few small holes in a plastic cup. Offer to get them a glass of water and sit back and watch as they dribble water all over themselves.
  4. This one is gross, but I bet it would get a couple of laughs. Make caramel apples but use onions instead. Enough said.
  5. Tape an air horn on the stopper behind a door handle. When someone opens the door it will press the button and sound the air horn. That’s one that would really crack me up.
  6. There’s always the classic rubber band prank. Wrap a rubber band around the spray nozzle of the sink and watch the water spray all over them as they turn on the sink.

If you have any great April Fools Day pranks we would love to hear about them! Send us your pictures or comment below! 

by Hannah Kern


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