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10 Things All Redheads Can Relate To

Redheads make up less than two percent of the world. As a result, today's National Love Your Red Hair Day is likely to be celebrated on a rather small scale. In order to open the celebration up to those of you who aren't naturally flame-haired, here's a first-hand look at 10 things that all redheads can relate to. 

15 things that redheads deal with

Teen Wolf © 2011 MGM Television, Music Television

Your sunscreen's SPF is in the triple digits

...and you still burn. “This one has SPF 110+, and it’s made for baby faces. That should work right?”
Not even close. 


The Little Mermaid © 1989 Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV

You've been accosted numerous times by people who "would die for your color"

Men, women, children, mall kiosk salesmen, you name it. Total strangers will want to discuss your hair, and they aren't shy about it. I don't care how much you like my hair. If we've never met before, by no means is it appropriate for you to touch it. 

Mean Girls

Mean Girls © 2004 Paramount Pictures, M.G. Films, Broadway Video

Ariel was always the best Disney Princess

...and you spent hours in the pool pretending to be her. She has red hair, so obviously that makes her far more relatable than the other human princesses, right?


The Little Mermaid © 1989 Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV

You keep waiting until you have so many freckles you actually look tan

Frozen © 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

You will forever be told that you look just like Lindsay Lohan.

Whether you actually do or not. 

You look like Lindsey Lohan.

I Love Lucy © 1951 Desilu Productions

You live in neutral colors

A solid 85% of your closet is black, brown, navy, white or grey. If you wear emerald green, you feel like an advertisement for Lucky Charms, and if you wear red or orange… Who am I kidding? We all know better than to wear red or orange.

The Addams Family © 1964Filmways Television

"Is that your natural color?"

In your lifetime, this question alone will probably make up about 20% of your communication with other people. 

Brave © 2012 Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios

Your Halloween costumes are specific to your hair color

You have been, or have considered being, any of the following for Halloween:

Poison Ivy (Batman), Mystique (X-Men), Lucille Ball (I love Lucy), Mrs. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus), Wendy (Wendy’s restaurant), The Mad Hatter (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland), Conan O’Brien, Mary Jane (Spiderman), Princess Anna (Frozen), Chuckie (The evil doll), Chuckie (the Rugrats), Any member of the Weasley family (Harry Potter), Merida (Brave) or Misty (Pokémon.)

You realize that if you dye your hair, everyone will be mad at you.

You are forever bound to your natural hair color, because "people pay so much for your color," and "You'll never get that color back if you dye it."

dye your hair, everyone is mad

Mulan © 1998 Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Pictures

You don’t even get an emoji.

There are emoji's for both blonde and brunettes, but that simply won't do. I guess I'll use a sad face. 

the office pam

The Office © 2005 Reveille Productions, NBC Universal Television, 3 Arts Entertainment, Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios, Universal Television

Ashley Aulbach


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