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What Students Can Learn from “The Giver”

What Students Can Learn from “The Giver”

The Giver is an amazing novel about a boy called Jonas who lives in a society that has managed to relieve its people of choices to enhance equality, sameness, and fairness. Jonas lives with his parents and sister. His mother works in the Department of Justice and his father is a Nurturer. They hold a ceremony every December where every child moves a step ahead in school and receives privileges. When the book begins, the boy is only eleven years old. And he has his future job already assigned to him. He is different from other people in society because of his pale eyes.

Every morning, the family members share their dreams. Jonas rarely dreams. But when he does, he shares a dream about a girl in his class named Fiona. His mother advises him to start taking pills to stop these dreams. In the evening, the family members share the experiences they had during the day. And they encourage each other.

The Giver is an amazing book for anyone who loves to read. It questions what’s right or wrong for society. And how making decisions can transform our lives. Jonas is the only person who takes his time to learn more about the past. Some of the key lessons that students can learn from The Giver include:

People cannot be the same

From the beginning of the book, the author expresses the disadvantages of sameness. The community had failed in many ways to create sameness after numerous attempts. For instance, it tried to assign specific jobs to ensure that society is moderately regulated. Reading "The Giver" essay examples will help you understand the book better and get inspired. You can check it out today to learn that being yourself is the key to success in life. When individuals succeed, the entire society will thrive.

Secrets are always there in the society

The author gives subtle cues about some of the hidden truths about society. For instance, nobody knows exactly why the past receiver decided to go. However, as Jonas completes his assignments, he starts figuring out why. In short, the author emphasizes trusting yourself only. When you trust everyone around you, you’ll be in for big disappointments.

The pros and cons always go together

As you continue reading the book, the idea of pros and cons will arise. This is depicted when Jonas starts his journey through different memories. You’ll notice how good events always go hand-in-hand with the negative ones. You can act poorly but still, be good in many other ways. Every good thing comes with a price. In most cases, you have to sacrifice to enjoy the fruits.

Don’t suppress your emotions

Throughout the book, the author shows the importance of letting your emotions run free. After completing his assignments, Jonas is reminded every day of the importance of his emotions, especially for his family. In the end, he realizes that human beings need to be loved for them to grow psychologically and spiritually. Your emotions are like the waves of the oceans. Don’t suppress them. Instead, be free by letting them come and go.

You have to do something

As the popular saying goes, the end justifies the means. In the book, Jonas had to do anything that came to mind whether bad or good to realize his goals. You have to do anything that’s needed to be done to achieve your goals and live happily.

The house of old

In The Giver, the elderly are treated respectfully with utmost care. However, you later learn that things are not as good as they are. The elderly are released from society or killed. After reading this book, you’ll start examining how the elderly are treated in your country and compare it with the story.


The Giver is an interesting book that narrates the life of a boy called Jonas. He lives in a world where everything is managed by solid rules. These rules were created to achieve sameness in society. As you read this amazing book, you’ll start questioning what’s right or wrong in society. You’ll also realize that you have the great privilege of making choices or decisions. Life cannot be planned or organized perfectly. And, human beings can never be the same. There is perfection in uniqueness. Jonas goes a step ahead to investigate the past world and comes to learn about everything. It is a great read for both the young and elderly.


Author’s Bio:

Samuel Walsh works as an online tutor with his main audience as students from schools and colleges. He teaches them to write, edit and proofread and communicate effectively to ensure career success. His free time is for glass painting, meditating, and jogging in the park.


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