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Time-saving hacks for university students

Time-saving hacks for university students

Lack of time is the main problem of any student. And during exams, it seems that 25 hours in a day would not be excessive. By the middle of studies, many students even think that sleep and essay writing are incompatible and often turn to essay writing services like essayshark.com. They wear themselves out with energy drinks, liters of coffee, and study all night long, although it still does not give the highest results because of the exhaustion of the body. 

In fact, students can manage to study well, have a personal life and hobbies. You just need to learn how to organize your time properly and save it wherever possible. The basic rules of time management can help you do this. 


Always assign all tasks a level of importance and an order of priority. To do this, imagine the worst that can happen if you don't get something done in time. For example, if you don't learn one topic today, you'll have to learn two tomorrow. And you will remember none of them properly. Such tasks get the status of important and urgent. They should be at the top of the list. Make it a rule not to postpone such activities for tomorrow.

Important but non-urgent tasks are next. If you ignore them, they eventually move into the category of urgent and become difficult to implement. 

Urgent but not important tasks usually take a lot of time. Try to reduce them as much as possible or even reassign them to someone else. For example, you can order food delivery if you run out of groceries rather than going to the store yourself or cook food for the week rather than spending time on it every night.

It is logical that the non-urgent and unimportant things will not bring much benefit. So that they do not "eat" your time, they should be abandoned or minimized. Make your own list of worthless things to do. Title it "I'll never do it again" and follow your own rules.

Be digital and trendy 

When everything around us is computerized, it will be pretty silly to still live by the rules of the 1990s. Of course, writing in a notebook and using stickers and highlighters is very romantic and cute, but it takes more time and effort. Try to make the most of modern devices and applications. You can use bibliography services, proofread texts, use online libraries with access to all the books in the world, and a lot of different apps that will make your life easier and save time. Keep a to-do list in your phone notes, set reminders, and block out social media when you study. Replace reading literature with audiobooks and listen to them while you go about your business or clean your room. You have bought your phone not only to procrastinate on Instagram and TikTok. Benefit from modern technologies as much as you can.  

Make plans

Get into the habit of planning every day, week, and month. For each period, highlight large key tasks and smaller ones. Don't set too many tasks for one day. Ideally, your list should include one key task (write the first chapter of a paper by tomorrow or get ready for a test), 2-3 medium tasks (write an essay, read 30 pages of a book, do a lab) and 3-4 small ones (meet friends, do laundry, sign up for a dance class). 

You'd be surprised, but you'll have more time if you plan your routine. This includes not only study assignments but also fun activities and hobbies. It's much easier to meet up with friends by making arrangements with them for a certain time than finally finding that free time and spending it alone because everyone is busy. 

You can avoid missing deadlines by taking a little time once a week or every day with planning ahead. For example, if you need to turn in an important paper in three months, you can divide it into small steps and devote a couple of hours every week to work on it. 

If you analyze your day, you will be amazed at how many time-killers and distractions surround us. Get rid of them, organize your routine, and you will be surprised by how much free time you can have. 


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