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Pros and Cons of the Educational System in Canada

Pros and Cons of the Educational System in Canada

When deciding where to get a degree, many young people consider Canada. And no wonder why! This is one of the best countries to study because of many reasons. For example, the quality of teaching is really outstanding there. However, there are also some cons to the Canadian education system. Let’s consider it in detail, so you can decide what suits you and what you find a disadvantage for yourself.

The advantages of Canadian education 

Great funding 

Public education in Canada is strong and well-funded. The government heavily subsidizes it from kindergarten through to the post-secondary level. According to some estimates, almost six percent of the GDP is spent on education, which is proportionately more than the average among OECD countries.

High standards 

As the Canadian school system is managed provincially, some of its aspects vary significantly from one region to another. What’s more, there are both public and private forms of education. But still, being overseen by the federal government, educational standards remain consistently high throughout the whole country. Study programs in Canada are recognized all over the world. So no matter where you go, your degree will have value. 

Two languages 

People studying in Canada may choose to study in either one of its official languages. While some schools offer instruction in both languages, others give you a choice. In most institutions the main language of education is English. But French is also widely available throughout the country. Anyway, no matter which language is main, both of them are taught from an early age. 


One of the best features of post-secondary education is accessibility. What does that mean? Studying at a certain institution is quite affordable for anybody, especially when compared to the sky-high fees in the United States. That’s why education can be accessed by people regardless of their social status. What’s more, the adjustments to curriculum and assistance are readily available for individuals with special needs. It also makes education accessible.


In Canada, you’ll never feel like an outsider. Its education system is one of the most friendly in the world. People from different regions are welcome because Canadians are a hospitable nation. Besides, you will always be entertained at some events, fests, and extracurricular activities, even in times of pandemic. That means your social circle will expand and you will have nice people around you that help not to be homesick.  

The disadvantages of Canadian education

Lack of technical training  

Some people complain about insufficient technical training in Canada. They say that the government doesn’t pay enough attention to it, and that means the needs of some students are not met. This situation does not look fair, causing a lot of dissatisfaction among citizens. Besides, there is little alignment between the needs of the workplace and what is taught. 

Heavy workload 

Since Canada has high education standards, it may be a real challenge to study there. As a student, you will have tons of homework, lots of exams, and regular assessments. It may cause significant psychological pressure and exhaustion. However, if you still want to get a Canadian degree, you should turn to personal statement writing services in Canada and not be scared of the upcoming difficulties. Luckily, such services can complete any type of paper for you. So if you feel burdened with your assignments, just ask experts from special online companies to help you with the task. This way, you will reduce your workload and become more relaxed.

Favorable attitude 

It may sound weird, especially in the list of disadvantages, but some instructors have too favorable attitudes towards students. What does that mean? Some people believe that teachers are not strict enough, so they usually give high grades. Many students can easily get “As” or “Bs, no matter whether they have learned the material or not. This tendency has negative consequences because employers can’t be sure that graduates have all the necessary skills. 

Final thoughts

No doubt, Canada is one of the best places to study as it has extremely high standards of education. It’s especially attractive for international students because of hospitality, accessibility, and affordable living costs compared to the United States. Of course, it’s not perfect and has some disadvantages, such as lack of technical training and heavy workload. Hopefully, this article helped you form an objective opinion about the Canadian education system, so now you can make a thoughtful decision about your future. 


Author’s Bio:

Samuel Walsh is an academic tutor, providing assistance to college students in humanities. Samuel is passionate about his job, so he also writes a blog on tutoring where he shares some expert tips. In his free time, Samuel enjoys physical activities, such as playing rugby and volleyball.


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