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How to be successful in university

How to be successful in university

In this article, we will consider a few tips to help students quickly adjust to the university environment and succeed in their studies. It is no secret that university study is not easy for all students, especially for first-year students who, straight out of school, may find it difficult to adapt to the new environment.

Nevertheless, there are some fairly simple tips to help you succeed in your studies in a very short period.

Defining a goal

There is no point in doing something that is not useful in the future. For this reason, you should first decide on the purpose of your studies. Thus, it is necessary in advance, even before admission, to determine the specialty for which you are ready to pass the difficult path of study at the university or institute.


It should be noted that it is impossible to achieve even modest success without motivation. That is, a student must want to study well to really strive for this goal. To increase motivation, it is advisable to highlight the main positive qualities of the specialty being mastered and studying in higher education.

Personal qualities

It is known that everyone's ability to learn varies. The ability to absorb new information well may be influenced by qualities such as attentiveness, diligence, discipline, creativity, and initiative. If these qualities are not present, it is advisable to work on such "deficiencies". In this situation it is advisable to:

Attend classes diligently, without dropping out.

Doing the homework carefully, trying to get to the heart of the learning material. Do all homework on time, without procrastination. Take time to study every day.

A methodical approach is of great importance when studying any discipline. You should not study a subject from time to time. Students, who often try to cheat - to skip, not draw up an outline often have to think who will write my essay for me to get a good grade? Regular study will allow not only to understand the subject well but also to develop the necessary skills.

Moderate perfectionism

You should not set goals that are impossible to achieve. Otherwise, frustration may discourage you from continuing your studies. The road to success lies in overcoming small, realistic goals. This is why you should not set the bar too high, punishing yourself severely for every failure, which can lead to a nervous breakdown or even depression.


Listen to all lectures attentively, without distractions, and try to absorb as much information as possible. It should be noted that the more you memorize from a lecture, the easier it is to repeat or study the subject on your own.

Time management

Learning how to manage time allows you not only to study more but also to do other things in time. It is advisable to make a clear plan for the day, taking into account all kinds of nuances. By sticking to a plan every day, you can make the most of every minute of your day. It is advisable to always write down a list of things to do during the day, but you should not forget about rest.

Highlighting the main point

It is not necessary to write down every word of the lecturer during a lecture, the main thing is to learn to highlight the main points, the same applies to self-study. The ability to highlight key points will allow:

  • easier mastering of information. 
  • to save time.
  • to be ready for exams and quizzes, as most questions focus on the key points.


Often, the conditions for successful learning depend on the discipline of the student. It should be noted that discipline must be present not only in the institution but also in all other areas of life. The first thing to do is to learn how to finish what you start. If you have problems with commitment, it is advisable to practice self-discipline. It is advisable to start with small matters, which should always be completed. As a result, this trait alone will not only allow you to learn well but also to avoid many problems in later life.


It is not difficult to guess that civilization is constantly growing and improving, and therefore relevant yesterday's knowledge today may already be outdated. For this reason, you must engage in self-education regularly in order to always have relevant knowledge and be aware of all the changes in the studied area.

No cramming

It is well known that school and university curricula are very different. So, if the school was still acceptable for cramming, then at university, this method cannot give good results. It is necessary to try not just to memorize the topic studied, but to understand the basis and the main idea. This is the only way to get a good theoretical basis.


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