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How to Make Money Writing: 5 Ways to Get Paid to Write in 2022

How to Make Money Writing: 5 Ways to Get Paid to Write in 2022

Writing can be quite time-consuming and labor-intensive, whether you’re doing it for fun or advancing your career. But it’s worth it tenfold.

Writing is a widely applicable skill, so while earning some cash, honing your writing skills will set you up for a better future no matter the field of your future career. Getting paid for what you like doing is everyone’s dream. For a lot of people, writing is a passion. Professional writing can allow you to make some money doing what you love. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five best ways to earn money from writing. 

Creative content writing 

Freelancing in content writing is the obvious path for people who are looking to convert their verbal prowess into some well-deserved cash. 

The content writing industry is exploding! It has experienced exponential market growth in later years due to the ease of long-distance communication and management over the internet, as well as a growing need for advertising online. Students are increasingly using Writing Universe services for help with their assignments, further fueling this tendency.

Types of needed content range widely from highly technical articles to expository pieces to fit your particular skill set, and it’s possible to quickly rise through the ranks and increase your rates.

A major benefit of any type of freelance job is comfort in flexibility. You choose your own schedule and volume of work. You can opt to do it part-time to make some extra cash on the side along with your primary job or commit to it full-time.

What is not to like about doing what you love from the comfort of your couch while setting your own rates and choosing the content type and amount you are comfortable working with? 

Technical writing

Technical writing is a writing discipline that deals with complex and specialized information.

These include things like instruction manuals, product descriptions, statistical analyses, etc.

A good technical writer should be able to convey complex matters in an easily digestible way for a layman to comprehend. This is harder than regular content writing, which means technical writing is more highly rated, and you will be able to make more money for your time.

Translation services 

If you are multilingual, consider engaging in the content translation game. Translation can be easier than content writing in that it doesn’t require as much creative thinking. 

On the other hand, languages are intertwined with the cultures they stem from, which gives them uniqueness in concept and nuance, so the ability to convert a text from one language to another effectively by conveying the substance with minimal loss in translation takes writing skills of its own. But the tricky nature of quality translation is also what makes it a highly valued skill.

Providing translation can be especially fruitful if you know an exotic language that not many others speak.

Social media content

Do you spend a significant portion of your day scrolling through social media content?

You can finally put those skills to good use. Writing social media content is yet another way to earn money from doing what you like. It’s perfect for anyone who has a solid grasp of how to develop an online audience and produce viral social media postings.


Becoming a copywriter is less of a side quest or more of a full-time career path that requires a long-term commitment. 

As a copywriter, you will be tasked with creating written content that carries the brand identity of a business. Your content may be geared towards consumers, partners, or other employees, so if you decide to pursue this career, you should always be aware of your audience and adapt your writing accordingly. 

Copywriting can be highly technical and tricky, so make sure your writing skills are up to the task.

Bottom line

Writing is a powerful skill that can set you up for success. We have outlined five basic options you can choose from if you decide to do it professionally, but there are many other options you could consider. Writing gives a rare opportunity to enjoy your job and allows you to stay mentally active and engaged while at work. Given all the benefits, we encourage everyone to pursue writing professionally. 


Joanne Elliot is a blogger and a professional content writer. She has worked for many leading companies of various profiles over the years. Her persuasive writing has inspired many from her online community to follow in her footsteps and engage in the writing business.


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