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Woody's Automotive

Shawn Sarbaum of Woody’s automotive does a lot more than change oil and rotate tires.

“We see lots of critters,” Sarbaum said. “We’ve even found cats living in cars.”

Woody’s works with a lot of European cars, and specializes in Land Rovers. But, even when it comes to Land Rovers, no two cases are the same.

When one customer brought in a Land Rover with a slew of strange electrical issues, the staff at Woody’s quickly discovered an interesting problem. Upon inspection, a nest was found inside the Land Rover, and many of the vehicle’s wires had been chewed through and woven into the nest.

According to Sarbaum, this type of situation occurs about two to three times per year.

“It depends on where the car has been parked and for how long, and while it’s usually our more rural customers that run into this, you’d be surprised. It happens right here in the city, too.” Sarbaum added.

When these types of situations arise, Sarbaum says the next steps are simple. If there are animals that need to be removed, doing so safely is step one. From there, any nests are removed, allowing the team to examine the damage and replace necessary parts.

With jobs like these, work at Woody’s is never boring, and Sarbaum finds that he’s always making new friends, and not just furry ones.

“I enjoy meeting new people and exceeding their expectations,” Sarbaum said. “We take pride in the vehicles at Woody’s, and we know our customers by name. We know their families, their interest, and what they like to do.”

Getting to know customers individually allows Sarbaum to really prioritize each person’s budget. The staff at Woody's strives to educate their customers rather than just provide them a list of problems.

“You’re protecting your investment,” Sarbaum said. “Car repairs are no different than your house repairs. Your car and house are your two biggest expenses, and if you budget for repairs, you can save yourself larger expenses later.”

Woody’s is a family owned and operated Wichita business with two locations. The shop employs ASE certifies technicians, and offers a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty on almost all parts and labor. Woody’s features same-day pickup in moist cases and offers shuttle rides to customer. You can find Woody’s on the north side at 2600 N. Amidon, or in College Hill at 145 N. Hillside.


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