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What new industries are opening up for outer space?

What new industries are opening up for outer space?

It’s one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind. A sentence that would forever live on and drive the human race in their motivation to discover more of our universe. With recent events of the James Webb Space Telescope giving us the first full-color images and spectroscopic data, suffice to say it’s blown our minds.

You don’t want to think about how big space is though, otherwise, you may find yourself having an existential crisis. However, the progression of space exploration is growing and it’s therefore opening up a lot of opportunities for new industries. Yes, you can now get into the space industry!

So if you fancy taking the leap and exploring a career within the space industry, here are some industries worth looking out for.

Satellite manufacturing

Did you know that the global satellite manufacturing market was valued at $15,500.0 million in 2020? That figure is projected to be $25,962.0 million by 2030. There have plenty of new firms entering the satellite manufacturing market in order to be part of the growing industry.

The larger-scale, more advanced satellites being created are providing more efficiency and competitiveness within this industry, so it’s one to look at getting into. With plenty of universities like https://cie.spacefoundation.org/space-foundation-university/ offering space engineering workshops, it’s worth exploring this area if you’re into this field of study.

Support ground equipment manufacturing

There are many companies in existence and being created in order to continue the advancements of support ground equipment. From charging equipment that helps aircraft and machinery stay running, to cargo loaders, it’s all necessary to have. This is particularly so as we see a future where more space travel will take place.

This type of equipment is crucial to have, especially when it comes to running successful missions further down the line.

The launch industry

Getting aircraft and equipment off the ground main purpose of outer space research, beyond just wanting to know what’s out there from the ground. With the launch industry, there are a variety of routes that you could go down depending on the sort of involvement you want to have within the space industry.

From working in the control room to being an integral part of the crew onboard, there’s a potential for new and exciting opportunities in the future.

Be part of history by working in one of these outer space industries

Space travel and outer space study in general is one of those incredibly mind-boggling subjects. It’s hard to believe and think that we’re the only lifeform out there in space. In fact, we’re a world that’s really so insignificant when you look at the big picture.

If you’re one to get overwhelmed, you may want to sit down when you look at the pictures we mentioned at the beginning of this article. While it is hard to comprehend, it’s an incredible exploration that we haven’t even scratched the surface of as humans. Who knows what will be possible in the next few decades?


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