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Save the environment - and a little green - with VSDs!

Save the environment - and a little green - with VSDs!

When running a factory and/or a production line, it's important to cut costs where you can without interfering with the quality of the product, or more importantly, the safety measures used to craft it.

Yet 'cutting costs' is not always the main goal, as there are some investments worth financial backing. For instance, reducing emissions and power consumption can also be healthy, and as the tools and machinery we use become more refined, this latter consideration is achieved more readily.

But could it be that saving the environment and a little money could work in tandem? With a variable-speed drive (VSD) air compressor utilizing said technology, saving energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent, and improving the efficiency of compressors, yes, this is possible.

What is a VSD?

Variable speed drives are coveted tools by energy managers. They are comprised of three-phase Ac induction motors and a variable power supply. This power supplier is crafted using solid-state components, which vary power and frequency given to the associated motor by using a pulse-width-modulated current.

As such, the motor speed can be easily controlled over a large range, while also ensuring worthwhile energy savings. As one-fifth of energy costs in any factory relates to the production of compressed air, it's hard not to see how variable speed drives can help mediate this production as and when needed, especially helping to cut down on wasted energy in the long term. As you can

see, this can make a profound impact over months of use.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of VSDs?

Huge savings in electrical costs can come as standard, and almost immediately when replacing a rotary screw or piston machine. Thanks to this technology helping to hit emissions and energy usage targets, the United Kingdom and the United States offer tax rebates, interest-free loans, and subsidized aid to help cover the cost of these installations. It might be that your company is eligible for a similar scheme. Speak with an experienced dealer like C&B Equipment to find the best deal for your business.

VSDs, outside of their energy mediation, can also be accurately assessed as suitable or unsuitable for your production line thanks to a quick and easy professional air audit of your production line, helping you assess the most efficient controls for the entire system in kind.

Drawbacks are minimal, but it might be that depending on the industry you work within. For instance, if you need the VSD to operate continuously at top speed, then the switching losses can mean limited energy efficiency, and so a fixed speed compressor of similar size may be a more promising option.

That said, for a wide variety of industries, this new technology is paving the way for cutting down on energy costs, which enables you to curate green in both forms - firstly by protecting the environment, and second, being able to achieve those renewed standards while also saving on your energy bills.

With this advice, you're sure to see the benefit of a variable speed drive and can begin to assess if this is a good installation for use in your firm.


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