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Quick Tip: How to Transfer vCard to Outlook

Quick Tip: How to Transfer vCard to Outlook

Digital business cards are easy to store and exchange. Sadly, importing them into Outlook is a hassle. What if you have hundreds of items to transfer? The system only allows moving them one at a time. Fortunately, there is a way to import vCards in one batch. Use our guide to do it quickly and accurately. 

If you had 300 contacts to transfer, you would spend hours doing it manually. The methods described on https://www.outlooktransfer.com/how-to-import-vcard-files-to-outlook/ get the job done in minutes or even seconds. Discover key advantages of modern automated tools in our guide. 

What Are the Benefits?

Every mail client creates, stores, and recognizes data in specific formats. For Outlook, this is PST. Such files contain messages and related data like contacts, tasks, and calendars. To speed up the transfer, convert the original information in a batch. An automated tool will quickly extract it from the *.vcf files and transform. You cannot find a better method for mass transfer. 

This software is a lightweight utility. Designed especially for the task, it has a clear and well-organized interface with only a few buttons. Use it as often as necessary — there is no limit on the number of conversions. This dedicated export-import tool will even split your contacts into the same groups! Other benefits are:

  • lightning-fast extraction, conversion, and transfer via the same system;
  • universal compatibility (all popular editions of Outlook and Windows);
  • error-free conversion regardless of the original structure;
  • direct import into your Outlook profile or a *.pst file; 
  • it recreates subfolder hierarchy; 
  • you can choose the destination folder; 
  • there is a free trial.

Can I Do It Manually?

Of course, if you have plenty of free time, a manual import is doable. After all, some people are incredibly patient. Depending on the volume of contacts you have, you may need to spend hours moving the cards one by one. For every contact, there are 6 steps to take:

  1. Go to the File menu in Outlook. 
  2. Via Open, summon the Import and Export Wizard.
  3. Specify a *.vcf file as your source. 
  4. Help the system locate the necessary card. 
  5. Proceed by clicking Next
  6. Check that the contact has arrived in the right place. 

Use Professional Tools

All in all, electronic business cards are convenient, but feeding them into Outlook is a hassle. Manual transfer of vCards is acceptable when you have a dozen contacts at most. A bigger number makes it demanding and frustrating. Hundreds of items take ages to import unless you have automatic tools at hand. 

Spare yourself the trouble and delegate the job to software — it will get it done quickly, with all contact details intact. The system is smart enough to organize your contacts into groups — automatically! At the moment, this is the only feasible method of mass import. With a free trial, you can see how it works. Considering the value, the benefits are undeniable!


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