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Is Internet Fax Still A Thing? 4 Reasons Your Business Needs It

Is Internet Fax Still A Thing? 4 Reasons Your Business Needs It

Faxing over the Internet involves the mailing of fax documents using an entity's connection. Compared to the traditional methods of faxing, which necessitates a traditional facsimile and a telephone line to connect to, online faxing only needs the Internet and a solid online faxing subscription. Now that online faxing has spent ages of service, will it still be relevant today?

There are already so many alternatives to online faxing like cloud-based file sharing, file transfer protocols, and even the Internet of Things (IoT). With all these more advanced mechanisms, do you also think your business will still need it?

The Supremacy of Internet Faxing

If most businesses, government units, or non-profit organizations were to be asked whether Internet fax is still a thing in their operations, their answers would likely be a resounding yes. Although they don't claim it in public, it turns out they still somehow rely on online faxing. In fact, the usage of fax in many industries is rising and not decelerating. 

Apparently, faxing is much faster than the ordinary postal system. Many users thought they're a more secure way to exchange information regardless of their field. It's speedier than scanning a file to send it through email. 

Additionally, online faxing services have allowed this technology to stay relevant. On top of this, it's not even costly, it's easy to use, and its processes are simple. The conveniences it provides to its users are among the reasons why it's still a thing over the years.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Internet Faxing

As you've read, faxing is still alive and kicking even after decades because of its uses and advantages. But aside from that, there are other burning reasons why faxing refuses to go away. Such reasons might even compel you to fax for your business or enterprise.

Here's why Internet faxing can still be an essential mode of document transfer for your business.

1. Saves A Large Sum of Money

Internet fax services may cost you money to pay for the monthly subscription, but traditional fax machines are worth many times more. Additionally, the costs of paper, toners, inks, upkeep, repairs, and telephone lines also must be thought of. When you register to an Internet fax service, your expense would only be for the subscription.

You see, the best part of faxing through the Internet is that the opportunities to save costs can be possible for both large and small businesses. It seems like a practical approach to cut costs when on a tight budget, particularly for start-up businesses.

2. Highly Convenient for Business Owners and Employees

Anyone in the company or business can reap the convenient benefits of faxing online. This is due to the fact that sending a fax is pretty straightforward. You'll only have to make a new electronic mail, send it to the fax number of your recipient, add the file or document you want to fax, and then click the send button. That's it! 

Internet faxing can help you manage your business actively. With it, you and your workers will no longer have to get tied to a physical fax machine or worry about missing any files.

3. Digital Signatures Can Be Readily Added 

Another reason that faxing is still important is the signatures. Faxed signatures are perceived as more valid and authoritative than signatures sent through other methods. Plus, most fax services allow their users to add personalized digital signatures.

Digital signatures can easily be inserted into any document. Once you've created a signature, you may then add them to one or more faxes. Besides that, you can even forward a faxed copy that has a signature on it. There's no need to print anything throughout the process!

4. They're Bound to Secure Faxes

Since this technology is meant to be sent and received via your email inbox, then that means they're secured. Instead of having to print out faxed documents in your office, you can inconspicuously receive faxes in your own email inbox. 

Since some emails may contain sensitive information, you may not want to have them lying around your workplace. It'll only be up to you if you're going to print out the document or not. 

Furthermore, online faxing has added encryption. Usually, it has encryption systems that make your faxes immune to malware or ransomware. They conceal your data and guards your personal information. Throughout the digital transfer of faxes, the contents are expected to be encrypted.

Final Thoughts

Office workers will never forget the times they stacked papers on a dated fax machine, inputted a fax number, and pressed send. But as innovations came, Internet faxing became a better option to send faxes. 

Somehow, faxing over the Internet remains to be highly beneficial for businesses even after years of usage despite the emergence of other methods. It remains as easy, practical, and secured as it was back then.


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