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Incredible Content Marketing Examples: Top 9

Incredible Content Marketing Examples: Top 9

Campaigning for a product might seem like a fun-filled and easy undertaking because those who create campaigns come up with ideas that make people happy to support the product. It seems easy, but it's not. 

Content marketing comes with the pressure to create and keep up with expectations can quickly exhaust your creative juices. The good news is you can get inspiration from the best content marketing examples from successful campaigns. No matter how "boring" your product might seem, you can find ways to make it appealing.

Share a Coke Campaign by Coke

The "Share a Coke" campaign is a brilliant idea that gave everyone a chance to personalize their drink. This involved getting 150 of the most popular personalities in Australia to add their names to the side of the bottle. 

Famous people make everyone excited and this led to the campaign that everyone talked about. It didn't take long for the campaign to spread across the globe. Personalization was the key to the success of this campaign. It made everyone feel special. This personal touch was the crucial aspect of content marketing. Rather than keeping track of online behavior or analyzing metrics, Coke targeted the names of the consumers, which is a crucial aspect.

Learn about content marketing online

Content marketing is all about education and experiences. When learning the tricks of the trade, you will often come across the term plagiarism. When writing content or taking inspiration from your favorite source, you need to be wary of the fact that plagiarism has to be avoided at any cost. Whether you prepare notes from the online course or wish to submit academic writing work to your teacher, make sure to run it through a free plagiarism checker for students. Checking for originality is a crucial strategy to make sure you don't get into trouble. As you keep learning, you might even come up with a standout idea for 2022.

#GEInstaWalk Campaign by General Electric

General Electric wants people to know that they are more than just an industrial company. GE wanted more appeal and visibility for the succeeding generations of potential shareholders to know about them. 

What they came up with was the idea to initiate an Instagram campaign that showed people what it's like to be inside their facilities and see the work they do. The campaign included tours to the various GE facilities. To further this innovation, GE chose 6 IG influencers for each tour to take photos, then upload the photos using the "#GEInstaWalk" hashtag. GE also allowed other people to join these walkthroughs through contests.

Original Research by Orbit Media

Many people think that Orbit Media is just another agency for web design and development. But when it comes to content marketing, Orbit Media offers an unparalleled experience. The site attracts more than 50,000 visits each month only in organic traffic. 

The key to their success is the originality of the content they offer. Aside from the well-written and comprehensive guides, they also conduct extensive original research. For instance, they send surveys to a number of bloggers every year. 

Then they create statistics out of the data they gathered, which are then transformed into branded charts, images, and more. They also make the most of backlinks, which is a very strategic practice.

Star Guide by Michelin

The Michelin Star Guide has become a very popular guide for people even though they don't know that Michelin is a tire company. The star guide was originally developed to help people on road trips to find the best places to eat along the way. 

Soon, the guide gained a life of its own because many road trippers appreciated its purpose. By using the guide, their travels led to the need to buy tires. But Michelin has always offered value first without selling to their customers directly. Still, they reap all of the benefits on the backend.

Garage Delivery Service by Amazon

Amazon continues to come up with new innovations that will improve its service. With its ever-evolving technologies, Amazon has added an extra service where users can provide their Amazon driver with a digital key to their garage doors. 

This service is the perfect solution for consumers who aren't at home during the standard hours of delivery. Those who worry about the theft can allow the driver to tuck away their ordered packages securely. Acknowledging the pain points of customers by offering alternative solutions is an excellent content marketing example. Amazon isn't the easiest to beat when it comes to content marketing.

Design School by Canva

Canva is one of the best examples in terms of interactive and educational content marketing. Aside from teaching potential and future users practical design skills, they also place great emphasis on the usefulness and practicality of the platform. 

Because of this, Canva has become very popular. Some of the offered courses boast more than 100,000 students. The design school educates the market with transferrable and practical skills. It offers various courses that appeal to people interested in learning new things. Moreover, it also positions the platform as the leader in the design department.

Blog by OptinMonster

You can use this blog as a resource for existing customers who want to use OptinMonster in new ways along with prospective customers too. Through the blog, OptinMonster has become a valuable resource on lead generation tools, strategies, and tips. 

The OptinMonster blog is a great tab to bookmark, especially if you want to increase your email subscribers, increase conversions, and drive more sales. This is why OptiMonster attracted over 1.2 million sites to utilize its services.

Open Blog by Buffer

If you want to track your growth via social media, Buffer Open Blog is the right tool to use. This is a social media tracking app that allows you to schedule your posts and monitor your growth. The success of this app isn't in the product itself but in how it's marketed. The foundations of this app are openness, trust, and transparency. The app shows you what you shouldn't do and how to do things properly.

This will provide you with amazing value with each post you share. Just reading the blog will make you feel like you're receiving a key to a secret club that everyone wants to get into. And having this key will get you all of the information you need.

Frontier's Conference by Slack

Using the Frontier's Conference will give your business the chance to discover the growing service offering of this brand. Aside from the conference, Slack also provides clever marketing hacks. 

Slack offers videos on its YouTube channel that focus on decision-makers of brands who need solutions to remote and interoffice communication. These brilliantly-produced videos target and deal with existing concerns that businesses may have. Also, these tutorials, demos, and other marketing materials generate more demand for the conference.


Remember that the main objective of content marketing isn't the immediate sale of a product. It's more about solid brand recognition and lead generation. It's about coming up with high-quality content that will attract prospective customers, then convert them into loyal followers who would gladly share your products or services with others.


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