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How Digital Payments Are Changing The World

How Digital Payments Are Changing The World

Digital payments made faster, more secure, and more convenient by technological advancements have changed how we handle payments and do business. Traditional payment options like cash and checks also have issues that digital payments seek to solve. These payment options are unable to keep up, leading to further growth of these payment options. Below, we will look at a few ways digital payments have changed the payments industry and the world.

Reducing Payment Wait Times

Whether you were paying using a check or in person, you could wait several hours or days for a payment to go through in the past. Even if you were paying in cash, there was a likelihood that you would have to wait in line like everyone else. 

Digital payments have reduced these wait times to almost zero as people can send money and businesses can receive money in an instant. The use of credit and debit cards as well as various digital wallet options has made this possible and accessible to everyone with a bank account or a smartphone.

Driving Ecommerce Growth

The growth of ecommerce is perhaps the most significant impact of digital payments. Digital payments make it possible for people to order products online, make payments regardless of where they are in the world, and have the product shipped to them.

This reduction in payment friction has improved both user experience and the profitability of online businesses, driving growth in a segment that most people cannot live with today.

Supporting Marginalized Communities

Digital payments have also made it possible to support marginalized communities. This is made possible by various online and app payment options that allow people to send and receive money regardless of where they are in the world. 

Money transfer services like Ria keep their fees low to ensure as much of the money sent as possible reaches the people in need. Sending money through the Ria Money Transfer app is a convenient option, especially for persons in need who want to avoid significant charges when sending or receiving funds.

Apart from sending money to individuals, such digital payment options also make it easy to donate to organizations that are helping with some of the most pressing issues in the world. Such issues include global hunger, ensuring children get an education, and supporting children and families in Ukraine.

Enabling Online Landing

If you wanted a loan in the past, a bank or other lending institution was your best option. The problem is that a bank can take weeks or months to review your application. Digital payments have changed this as they allow online vendors to provide loans to those in need.

By leveraging the internet and digital payments, these lenders make the process easier and more convenient while increasing the overall approval rate. You can now get an online loan in minutes through these lenders, but beware that some of these lenders charge very high interest rates. Also, defaulting will have a massive impact on your credit score.


Digital payments have changed many areas of our lives. They have made sending and receiving funds much easier, led to the flourishing of online businesses and given us tools to help the most vulnerable groups in the world.


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