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Q&A with Female Run and Operated ICT Clean

Female Run and Operated ICT CLean

Springtime brings to mind many memories, flowers, good weather and the impending months of Summer. For me, more often than not, it reminds me of the Spring cleaning I ought to be doing but often feels rather overwhelming.

If you are anything like me, help is appreciated.

ICT Clean aims to do just that. A female run and operated business right here in Wichita, our little big city. They also only use organic green products! I had the opportunity to speak with Cassie Anderson, part of the two-women team with Meghan Welch, to ask her a few questions. 

What made you decide to start a Wichita cleaning business together?

"I was new to the area, only have lived here for about a year when Meghan approached me with the idea of starting a cleaning business," Cassie said.

"This question for me is pretty simple, I was tired of working for someone else, more specifically the man, and by the man, I mean men. We pride ourselves on being a female-owned and operated business! It is amazing being your own boss and because we are a team, we really only have to answer to each other, which so far has been 'Is this cool? cool.'”

How long have you been at this now?

"The wheels have been in motion for about a year now, it was a slow start and a big learning process, however, we are really picking up steam and learning how the business works."

I notice you use only natural products, and cloth towels, have you always had a mind for the environment?

"Being from California, having a mind for the environment is second nature. Upon moving here and learning that recycling was a relatively new concept, I felt that there was a great opportunity to open minds about the idea of green living."

"I’m not enforcing people to go crazy and completely change their way of life, however, the home environment is a good place to start. I have read many articles and scientific journals expressing how labs test how only one chemical at a time has an effect on the human body, and do not test how multiple chemicals combined affect us."

"That means while chemical A alone may be okay, when chemical A is mixed with chemical B and C, there have been no tests done. There has also been no testing as to how these products will affect us over an extended period of time. Long story short, we only use green products in our home and our clients' homes."

Are there any challenges with opening a business with your friend?

"We actually did not know each other that well when we started. I remember being nervous to drive to Andover with her and wondered what we would talk about. Now when we get in the car after a weekend off, it’s like we have not seen each other in years and spend the whole morning catching up!"

What are some things we should know about starting our own business?

"Read everything you can about it, and then read more. Network as much as possible, people you did not think to ask for advice actually have amazing advice. Mostly stay strong and don’t take any crap from anybody."

Aside from calling ICT Clean, any Spring cleaning tips?

"Spring cleaning is a great way to reset your home for the rest of the year. While one should have their house deep cleaned about once a month, spring cleaning also tends to be a time we throw things out we do not need anymore. Therefore, we suggest donating instead of throwing away. There are donation centers all over Wichita, however, I would suggest looking at shelters before donation centers since the local homeless tend to not benefit from donation centers as much as they would from the shelters."


Email: ictclean316@gmail.com
Call: 316-768-7815

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