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Easy Business Opportunities for Those New to the Game

Easy Business Opportunities for Those New to the Game

More than two-thirds of internet users spend more time on a site with video. So as more content producers create video content for various online platforms, it's no wonder that you can see videos on nearly every website. In addition, you can see videos used for marketing and information campaigns.  

However, videos alone will not suffice. As more audiences look for content, optimizing videos and making them accessible to all audiences is a matter of great importance. Businesses will be missing tremendous opportunities if they limit access to their content. 

They should know how consumers find their content and what these consumers do afterwards. Do they understand the message? How was the delivery of the video? Of course, web access is for everyone. But while the access is universal, businesses should understand that specific market segments have different needs and preferences.

Increasing business opportunities

There are several methods to use if you want to increase your online business opportunities. As you know, the government has several laws and regulations regarding access to content by deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Therefore, the most viable solution is to provide transcription and captions to video content. There are several tools you can use, and Verbit has professional software for captioning and transcription.

How can transcripts and captions benefit your business?

Several things can help your business when you take it online. First, your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign will benefit from video content. When your videos have captions and transcripts, you increase your SEO efforts and have more video viewers. Here's a fact. Most people watch videos on their mobile devices without audio, mainly if they are in public places. 

So, how can your video content reach more audiences? Provide them with captions, and in some cases, transcripts. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Search engines index your video content

Search engines do not index videos. However, when text is in caption or transcription, search engines can crawl your video content. When your content is indexed, viewers will have an easier time finding them as you get a higher ranking in search pages. You have to know that you should provide closed captions, which become visible only when the viewer activates them. Captions include all the utterances, audio from different sources aside from the speaker/s (like a dog barking or bell ringing), and non-speech information like the speaker's name.

  • Provide accessibility for people with handicaps

Video captions can help people who are deaf and hard of hearing to understand the video content. Captions are also crucial for people who cannot understand English very well. 

  • Increase the time viewers spend on your website

When your videos have transcripts and captions, the time they spend on your site is longer. Viewers become engaged and assimilate the information or message you want to relay. 

  • Create other content from your transcripts

Transcripts can provide you with more ideas to create other content. You can entice more viewers when you have related content to improve your information campaign. Viewers like to see tips, quotes, statistics, and other valuable information.

See to it that all your viewers, whether they can see and hear, or are hearing impaired, can access your video content through captions and transcripts. Make sure that you maximize the impact of your videos to get more customers.


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