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The Misunderstood World of Drones: Flying Inside

The Misunderstood World of Drones: Flying Inside

When it comes to drones, most of us are more than a little confused. What is a drone? What does it do? Before you panic, don’t worry, the robots aren’t taking over just yet.

Drones are very versatile, and can be used in many ways. They’re great for outdoor use, as the sky is no longer the limit, but an asset, instead. This is the type of drone usage that we commonly perceive, but outdoor flying is just the beginning of what drones can do.

Flying Drones Indoors

Because drones are small, they are also able to fly indoors, a function that is often overlooked. Though some buildings may impose structural limits, skilled drone pilots can work around these restrictions.

“I have heard stories about recreational pilots being hired to fly their drones indoors, and those flights going badly. When I have talked to these business owners, due to previous failures indoors, they assume it cannot be done,” said Peter Espinosa of Wichita’s Air Capital Drone Co.

“The moral of this story,” Espinosa says, “is to hire professionals for your aerial video.”

Air Capital Drone Co.

Air Capital Drone Co.

Air Capital Drone Co. (AC/DC)  is a part of  Wichita-based Hydraulic Studios. AC/DC uses drones to capture videos and still photos of businesses, colleges, construction sites and more. Drone footage is unique because it offers aerial perspectives that can’t be captured with a regular camera.

AC/DC uses an unmanned aerial quad-copter that can be remotely controlled and capture stabilized, with aerial 4K video and still photography capability. AC/DC has an FAA 333 government exemption, which is required for commercial drone usage. The professional drone pilots at AC/DC have extensive experience flying both indoors and outdoors.

AC/DC Flies Inside

AC/DC Flies Inside

“Using the drone indoors gives you the ability to see your building, warehouse or facility from an aerial viewpoint,” Espinosa said. “When flying indoors, we have to use a setting called Atti (Attitude) mode, which can be a benefit for the pilot as well, because it gives the pilot complete control of the copter.”  

Flying indoors also eliminates some concerns that can arise when flying outdoors. In Kansas, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, this primarily means avoiding inclement weather conditions. Rain, snow and hail are the most obvious concerns, but the biggest issue drone pilots face when flying outdoors is wind.

“We are always comfortable flying our drone indoors, but flying indoors when the local news or a local publication is doing a story on us is always laughable, because they need us to fly it in a close-quarters space that we normally wouldn't. But we always make it happen for them,” Espinosa added.

To learn more about Air Capital Drone Co., click here.


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