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A Layman's Guide To Legal Entity Identifier In India

A Layman's Guide To Legal Entity Identifier In India

Although an old field, stocks and trading have now gained the interest of many. Regardless of their age, people want to invest and start their own companies. Stocks, trading, bonds, trusts, and other legal entities now need global identification. The most used identifier is the legal entity identifier introduced in India in 2016 by the reserve bank of India. 

According to the circular, the LEI is a means for financial companies or organizations to show their legitimacy. The LEI is a unique alpha-numeric code that has 20 characters. The LEI India is an excellent means as it can help with confusing common names for companies. In many countries, the LEI is essential to continue working in finance or trade. It is also considered the ISO standard and requirement for various legal entities.    

The LEI is registered through various portals in India and has seen over 50,000 participants. Of these 50,000 participants, 45,000 are currently active, showing how these LEIs benefit the companies. These unique codes put the company on a global platform, making it searchable and a part of a single database

It is essential to understand the basics of LEI. You must submit the applications and attach the necessary documents to register for an LEI. But the process doesn't end once you receive your unique code. You have to renew it annually. And to do so, you need a local operating unit that is a registered LEI issuer. But with a market that has seen such a drastic increase in LEI registrations, finding the right LEI issuer may be challenging. Here are a few factors to consider to make the process smoother. 

Do Your Research: 

It is essential to understand the process to apply for a legal entity identifier remains the same regardless of the issuer you choose. Subtle yet significant differences among these organizations allow you to have a better experience when you choose wisely. It is vital to do prior research about legal entity identifiers, including the process, the documents required, and the thorough background check. This allows you to stay prepared and identify if any issuer is trying to scam you. 

Check Their Registration:

Any legal entity identifier issuer needs to be registered with the GLEIF. The global legal entity identifier foundation, commonly known as GLEIF, offers accreditation to local operating units that can provide services such as renewal, registration, etc. If you are looking for an issuer, it is essential to check their accreditation. 

Check Out What Services Are Offered:

A company that understands the struggles that various companies have to fill out the documentation at the end of every year and run to get references and checks knows that renewal services hold a lot of importance. To choose the right issuer, you can see their services and how they have customized them to the client's needs. For example, a good issuer may have auto-renewal plans for 1, 3, or 5 years where they fill out the applications before the deadline making your work easy.   

Final Thoughts:

The above points help you get a brief idea about LEI in India. You can also get a better idea of the issuer through reviews and experiences of other people, making research a crucial point.


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