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4 tips to make your business appeal to younger audiences

4 tips to make your business appeal to younger audiences

Skillful marketing is all about understanding your customer's needs and translating them into your marketing strategies. As social media evolves, younger audiences like Millennials and Gen-Zers look for brands that shift away from traditional marketing methods and connect with them through avenues where they are the most active. As such, marketers have to deploy strategies that allow them to adapt to these shifting paradigms quickly. 

The youngest audience, the Gen-Zers, probably don't even remember a world without touchscreens. They are used to looking at attractive visuals and place more value on brands that allow engagement, interaction, and freedom of expression. 

Brands should understand that the younger generation wants them to be active and transparent in their strategies for them to engage with these brands. 

The following article will look at how brands can improve engagement with the younger audience and communicate with them.

Jump on social media trends

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with a Millennial and Gen-Z audience. Digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok should be important in your marketing strategy if your target audience is young. 

This audience is quick to jump and adapt to trends on social media and prefers brands that can evolve and create content accordingly. They want to see their favorite brands adopt a modern, contemporary outlook to marketing – something that engages with them. Because of these rapid changes, marketers have to be mindful of the latest trends influencing the social media landscape and see how they can situate their content to stand to be unique and relatable at the same time. 

For example, there is a piece of trending music on TikTok every few weeks. Every brand or influencer that uses TikTok trending music with their video automatically gets more views and an opportunity to have their video displayed on the 'For You' page for global audiences.

Similarly, Instagram algorithms recognize any trending hashtag and give preferences to content using the said hashtag. 

However, creating content for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon will have the opposite effect: you might lose more followers. For instance, if you are a travel vlogger but follow a dance trend and post your dance video, you’ll just be creating noise. You have to be relevant to your blog without mindlessly following every social media trend and adding no value to your page. Otherwise, your followers will get annoyed and leave after a while.

So, tastefully jump onto the bandwagon and adapt to trends only if it ties in with your overall brand marketing. 

Take the help of influencers 

Since most of the younger audience is invested in creating content and takes their cues from leading content producers on social platforms, the best way to connect with them is to collaborate with social media influencers. Studies show that 50% of Gen-Zers trust influencer recommendations, which means that digital creators and influencers can establish social proof regarding your brand and build trust amongst their followers. 

However, make sure that your campaigns remain authentic and relevant by collaborating with influencers who resonate with your prospective consumers.

While Gen-Xers and a few Millennials may have given into clever brand advertising and staged celebrity photos, Gen-Z is more intelligent than that. Since they have first-hand experience in using all social media platforms, they are savvy to your marketing campaigns and trust brands that are authentic. Otherwise, the campaign runs a risk of backfiring with younger consumers. 

For instance, unboxing campaigns are some of the best techniques to market your brand by taking the customer through an entire journey. If you are a makeup brand, you can send a box of your new products to a makeup vlogger. They can unbox your package on the video and discuss all the products’ features and their experience with them. This will help create more awareness and trust for your brand among their followers, potentially increasing your customers.

Make your brand visually engaging

Your brand identity should be so strong that when a person mentions your brand, they get an instant visual image in their head. A strong, visual brand image can reflect the nature of your organization and help your consumers differentiate your brand's name, symbol, and design from others in the industry. 

And the best way to establish a strong branding position is to create bold designs and social media posters to have an online presence. You can also pair your brand's designs with inspirational messages that can grab your audience's attention instantly. 

Various online tools and software allow marketers to design professional-looking social media posts without hiring a graphic designer. Using pre-made templates is cost-effective and can give you a variety of ideas to choose from, according to your requirements. PosterMyWall is one such popular graphic design tool to create posters, flyers, and small business ads. 

After all, your business's visual identity should be creative enough to engage with consumers and professional enough to leave a lasting impression on them 

Don't forget to engage

Responsiveness and engagement are the most critical drivers for the younger audiences for choosing a brand. 

For example, Starbucks is one of the most impactful brands in the world. Its success can be attributed to its effectiveness in communication with customers. The brand is super-active on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook, aiming to target audiences of all ages. 

From the 158 posts that they published on their Facebook page, Starbucks' marketers responded to 95% of the comments that their customers initiated. Moreover, they keep retweeting their customers' tweets, spreading positive vibes, and making them more engaged. 

When responding to customers, brands should adopt a customized approach, responding to each customer individually instead of giving a one-size-fits-all reply. Customized replies make customers feel valued and heard, cultivating a trustworthy relationship with brands. If customers purchase from your brand, remember to send them thank-you emails or similar product recommendations.

Marketers may think that social media is the only way to connect with customers; however, research shows that email communication follows close behind, coming in as the second-most preferred form of engagement. Don't forget to respond to feedback, whether positive or negative. In short, the more you engage, the greater chance you have to form a loyal relationship with the younger audience. 


Remember, you're not just looking to sell your business. In fact, your business would benefit more if you value your customer relationships first. Gen-Zers and Millennials increasingly prefer brands that take extra steps to form valuable relationships with them. Tapping into what the younger audiences like and connecting with them through relatable content will allow you to grow your audience and develop lasting relationships. 

Hopefully, the strategies mentioned in this article will help your small business create marketing strategies that motivate customers to engage.


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