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Essential Road Safety Tips Every Wichitan Driver Should Know

Essential Road Safety Tips Every Wichitan Driver Should Know

One person was left in critical condition, and another sustained serious injury after a vehicle rammed into a building on New Year’s Eve, according to NBC affiliate ksn.com. The car crash occurred near the Douglas and Kansas intersection at around 9:15 p.m. The collision caused the vehicle to catch fire, but the flames did not spread to the property. Both individuals injured in the crash are in a local hospital, but their condition is unknown. 

As a driver, you should know it’s impossible to predict when an accident will occur. However, there are several things you can do to stay safe on the road. This includes learning how to maneuver the most annoying intersections in Wichita. Below are other essential road safety tips every driver should know.  

Be Cautious Of Your Surroundings

Staying alert on the road is key to preventing collisions with other motorists or hitting pedestrians and objects. So, make it a habit to examine your surroundings every 20-30 seconds and check your vehicle’s mirrors frequently. Traffic experts suggest keeping your speed down or pulling over if you notice signs of aggressive driving from other motorists. Doing so is a sure way of preventing road rage and possible collisions. In a situation where a driver is driving dangerously and you feel worried, consider turning right to get off the roadway or take the next exit if it’s safe. Also, watch out for vulnerable road users like cyclists, jaywalkers, and pets. 

Avoid Tailgating

Remember, the vehicles in front of you are more likely to crash. To improve your safety while driving, you should consider keeping a safe following distance of at least three to five seconds. That’s because you’ll have enough time to react if the driver in front makes a quick turn or brakes suddenly. Too often, drivers who tailgate end up with serious injuries or even lose their lives in the event of a crash. Aside from physical injuries, road accidents also result in financial and legal implications that require you to seek professional assistance. 

Typically, car accident cases are complex, and victims face challenges ensuring drivers responsible are held accountable. To ensure you successfully file a road accident claim, road traffic experts recommend consulting an accident attorney. These legal professionals will help you understand your options following a crash. That way, you can prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of your situation. They will also negotiate with insurers on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

Don’t Speed

Speeding on roadways presents severe consequences, including increased crash severity and bodily injuries. The effectiveness of safety elements in your car also reduces, thus increasing the risk of fatalities. To ensure you and other road users stay safe while commuting, keep your speed low at all times. When you obey speed limits, you can easily control your vehicle to avoid potential collisions.

If you’ve been out on the roadways, you’re aware not everyone drives safely. Some individuals drive aggressively while others tailgate. With this in mind, don’t depend on other drivers to make informed decisions. Also, stay focused, don’t speed, avoid tailgating, and most importantly, cut out distractions to enhance road safety.


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