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Hosting Your Event at Xtreme Racing

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Race to the finish!

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Take the driver's seat in one of Xtreme's electric go-karts!

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Play a few arcade games, or enjoy a game of pool at Xtreme Racing.

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Have a seat and relax,

Hosting an event can be a very challenging task. You want to plan something memorable and fun that everyone in your party can enjoy. When you host your event at Xtreme Racing, you’re on the fast-track to a great time. The indoor electric Go-Kart track provides a thrilling alternative to traditional group outings. Check out these reasons to host your event at Xtreme Racing.

It’s Fun for Adults

When you think of events at a go-kart track, you probably jump right to kids’ birthday parties. While Xtreme Racing is a popular choice for birthday celebrations, it isn’t just for kids. With go-kart speeds that approach 45 miles per hour and an average customer age of 27, Xtreme Racing offers a great place for adults to unwind and have fun, too.

It's Great for Corporate Events

With that in mind, birthday parties are just the beginning of the events that this high-speed race track offers. At Xtreme, bland, boring office outings are a thing of the past. Boasting a unique approach to team building through competition, Xtreme Racing is a popular destination for corporate events. Whether you’re looking for a place to hold a customer appreciation event, an office party, or a fun and exciting team event, Xtreme Racing is a great choice.

No Skills Required

Popular group entertainment options like bowling and golfing require a specific skillset, that players either have or they don’t. Inevitably, the skilled players will have fun, while the rest may not. When you host your event at Xtreme Racing, everyone can have fun, because you don’t have to be a pro. In fact, you don’t have to have any skills at all. All you’ve got to do is put the pedal to the metal and follow a few basic instructions, and you could win, even if it’s your first time driving a go-kart!

It's More Than Racing

Racing isn't all that Xtreme offers. if a member of your party isn't ready to take the wheel, that's okay. There are other options for fun. Guests are invited to play a variety of arcade and video games. A Lounging area with a tv allows guests to sit down and relax. A competition-style pool table, an air hockey table, and a Foosball table allow guests to get competitive off of the track, too! There's something for everyone at Xtreme.

About Xtreme Racing

Xtreme racing is located at 2120 N. Woodlawn in east Wichita's Brittany Center. Featuring 55,000 square feet, the facility offers an indoor electric go-kart race track with unique “grip n’ rip” asphalt that allows you to drive like a pro! 


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