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5 Things You Didnt Know about Wichitas Latest Water Attraction!

5 Things You Didnt Know about Wichitas Latest Water Attraction!

Wichita’s newest active entertainment attraction, Splash Aqua Park, has been up and running for about 3 weeks now. While some Wichitans have been hesitant about a trip out to the park, we tested it out for ourselves and were pleasantly surprised. We weren't the only happy customers. In the few weeks they've been open they've seen waves of positive reviews from other participants' (4.5/5 on both Facebook and Google Reviews).

Here are the 5 things you might not know about Wichita’s newest attraction.

It's Amongst the Largest of Its Kind

It's Huge

Splash Aqua Park is actually amongst the top 10 biggest parks of its kind in the US and is the largest in the Midwest. Nearly 70 inflatable pieces cover close to a football field’s size (area) of running, climbing, splashing, sliding, and slipping. One of our favorite inflatables on the park was the Summit Express, which is a 15-foot tall climbing wall/slide. You can see a high rez map here.

It's A Great Value for "Active Entertainment"

It's A Good Value for "Active

Splash is actually the lowest cost park of its kind (by a long shot) with similar parks costing patrons up to $25! While $15 may initially seem like a lot for an hour, you’ll find that an hour is all you need to wear yourself out! Also, parents, you can relax on their beach for free while the kids have fun. In comparison to the pricing of other activities around town, an outing at Splash comes at a reasonable cost!

Examples of these include:

  • Movies - $10-15 per person,
  • Laser Tag - $8.50 (20 minutes)
  • Trampoline Parks - $9 per hour
  • Escape Rooms - $20-25
  • Go-Karts - $7-10

The Lake's Clean

The lake was once a sandpitanother point of contention amongst local nay-sayers claiming it’s filled with debris and other pollution. In reality, the lake was lowered, inspected, and approved by the city of Wichita prior to the park's construction.

You Can Compete at Their "Time Trial Tuesdays"


Time Trial Course Map
An example of one of their three time trial courses.

They run a competitive obstacle course on Tuesdays. “Time Trial Tuesdays” are a great way to test the park and test your grit against competitors as you try and make it through the course with the record time. They have three separate courses that rotate out every Tuesday so you don’t have to worry about the run becoming mundane. Pricing is on a “per run” basis with a single run costing $4 or you can package 3 runs together for $8. The fastest times get bragging rights as well as their names on the leaderboards (grouped by age) for each respective course. Check out the current record holders!

The Whole Area's About to Be An Entertainment Hub

Splash Aqua Park is just the first tenant in what looks to be a promising shopping and entertainment hub. The area is currently being re-developed into what will be known as “Steeple Bay” complete with staple tenants such as Gander Outdoors and Camping World opening next month. Once development is finished, the area will make for a great family day trip destination complete with food, shopping, and active entertainment.

Great New Addition to Wichita

We think Splash Aqua Park is a great addition to the variety of things Wichita has to offer and another answer to "There's nothing to do here". Make sure an outing at Splash is on your summer activity list! For more information, you can visit their website, or if you're ready to get splashing you can order your tickets here! They also have a texting program where they'll send special coupons, discounts and event information - you can sign up by texting Splash to 28748


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