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Wichita Room Escape Opens New Room

Wichita Room Escape Opens New Room

It was a calm and peaceful day out in Deep Space when you hear a loud smash, quickly followed by the WRE ENTERPRISE shaking! You then hear your captain speaking rapidly over the intercom.  "This is your captain speaking! Please enter your respective escape pod as quickly as possible. The WRE ENTERPRISE has been breached!" Startled and alarmed you try to gather your crew and get to your escape pod, but it looks like you're about to face some major complications on your way there!! Be careful and quick, you have one hour!

This is the scenario brief given for Wichita Room Escapes the newest Room " he Escape Pod". Manager Eva Apolito commented, “ There are no flashing lights nor loud alarms in this room. It has a really good, space station feel. Imagine being in space and looking around at your surroundings- that's what the room is like.”

Only open a short while Wichita Room Escape is already receiving raving reviews that this is "the most fun room yet”.

Wichita Escape Room rotates out there 3 rooms on a 6-month basis. Meaning that “The Escape Pod” is here to stay for the next year and a half.

When asked how they come up with their room concepts Apolito commented, ”When coming up with the ideas for the room we try to gather the staff together. Typically we will order a couple of pizzas and sit in the room that we are about to renovate and bounce ideas off of each other. We do this a few times and then we tear the room apart and then work as a team to bring all of our ideas to life. It's pretty cool.”

This new room requires a minimum of two people to participate but can hold a party of 8 participants. Currently “The Escape Pod” has a success rate of 50% making great for beginners wanting to get their feet wet in the escape room scene!

About Wichita Room Escape

About Wichita Room Escape

At Wichita Room Escape you and your team, locked in a room, must work against the clock to find and solve the clues, riddles and puzzles to earn your freedom. Using just your brainpower and objects in the room, you have one hour in which to make your escape.

Perfect corporate team building, birthday parties, or just a fun time with friends and family. Escaping the room requires intense cooperation, a perfect activity for offices wanting to build strong, productive teams. Their multiple themed rooms that change on a regular basis so you can keep coming back again and again.

Join them for an hour of fun, excitement, creativity, and teamwork!


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