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Wichita Businesses Offering Post Race Recovery

Wichita Businesses Offering Post Race Recovery

I was recently reminded of a quote from, track and field athlete Lauren Fleshman, “Anyone can work hard. The best have the discipline to recover.” This quote seems especially fitting as we are currently in the throes of race season and many have just finished the Prairie Fire and Chicago Marathon. After spending the past few months devoted to a training plan, and now their big race behind them, most runners fall into two categories: "The Junkie" – already scheduling their next race, or "The One-Hit Wonder" – who has vowed to never run a marathon again.

Regardless of where you fall, a proper recovery period is vital. So, I asked three of my fellow Local Joes, who just completed the Prairie Fire Marathon series, if they would go and test recovery options in Wichita. Gladly they accepted!

Elite Sports Chiropractic

Elite Sports Chiropractic

First up, meet Sarah. She is a half marathon veteran who just completed her first full marathon. Sarah is the product of following a good training plan to a T, and after the race had minimal soreness and still felt “great and energetic”. Sarah went to visit Dr. Chris Kirby at Elite Sports Chiropractic. Besides his office, Dr. Kirby can be found at almost every major race in Wichita offering his complimentary service both pre and post-race.

For Sarah, he performed Active Release Technique (ART). Dr. Kirby says, "For running recovery and injuries involving muscles, fascia, tendon, ligaments, and nerves, ART is one of the most effective techniques I use." Sarah said it felt similar to a deep tissue massage with her targeted areas being the IT bands, quads, and glutes. “I didn’t think I was sore until Dr. Kirby pinpointed muscle tightness and applied pressure to specific areas. It hurt so good!” After the treatment, she said her legs were more relaxed and felt better. Sarah, a Junkie, is taking a week off to recover with two future 5Ks already in the books.

CRYO Kansas

CRYO Kansas

My next tester is Justin, a five-time half marathoner who just completed his second full at Prairie Fire. After the race, he said his quads, hamstrings, and feet were very sore. Justin went and visited CRYO Kansas where he received the 30-minute NormaTec Recovery System.

The CRYO Kansas website describes it as a “dynamic compression and performance recovery” to help with circulation and swelling. During the treatment, Justin wore 2 large boots that compressed his legs and feet. Working in a pulsing and release manner, it isolated each section of the leg slowly moving up the limb.

After the therapy, Justin said he felt great and that he wished he would have known about this during training. He also said, after the race, “The worst part was standing up after sitting down. When the boots were removed, I stood up like I hadn’t run yesterday.” Luckily for Justin, the compression treatment relieved his pain. As a football referee, he has little time to rest and had two games that night after his session.

Vytal Bodyworks

Vytal Bodyworks

Last, is Julie a half marathon newbie who just finished her first 13.1 at Prairie Fire. Don’t let her lack of experience fool you, this lady is one tough and fast granny. The first couple days after the race she felt stiff so she went to see Nancy Korroch at Vytal Bodyworks.

Julie was given a full body soft tissue massage that lasted about an hour. There were two areas that were especially tight her upper back & shoulders and her IT band. The Vytal Bodyworks website says that after strenuous exercise your muscles start to rebuild and can “potentially tighten up and in turn reduce your range of motion; soft tissue release techniques prevent this by lengthening the muscles and breaking down tight tissue”.

This was Julie’s first time getting a professional massage and she didn’t know if she should expect pain or relaxation. She was thankful it was the latter. Some of Wichita’s most elite runners use Nancy and her “magic hands” for both recovery and maintenance throughout training. It was the perfect ending to Julies half marathon journey to have her first massage be from one of the best. Julie, another Junkie, is already running and back to her normal pace.

Visit the Experts

I want to congratulate all the runners who have recently competed! For those who haven’t, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch a fall race in Wichita. Whether it be the Air Capital Half taking place this weekend, Turkey Trot, or one of the numerous 5Ks, make sure you take the time to recover after you cross the finish line. Go and visit one of these experts, they have all been Local Joe tried and approved. Hopefully, after your race, they will get you laced up and back on the streets in no time.

I want to give special thanks to Elite Sports Chiropractic, CRYO Kansas, and Vytal Bodyworks for the care they gave to my fellow Local Joes.


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