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Lights on David Street Returns!

An amazing Halloween light display. Set your car radio to 106.9 FM and stop by 409 N. David in Northwest Wichita for the Lights on David Street Halloween show! 

409 N. David


  • October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27: Dark till 10 PM
  • October 28 through 31: Dark till 9 PM

Lights on David Street is returning after the owner Terry Flory, took a year off for health reasons. He's now back in good health and excited to bring this Wichita tradition back to life.

Lights on David Street

 Lights on David Street

Terry Flory at the Lights on David Street Show.

"The shows will have most of the same content, plus added music, videos and lights." Said Terry Flory, who sets up and runs the show every year and is excited to bring it back. 

"The Halloween show will have a short version of AC-DC's "Thunderstruck", Videos from "Corpse Bride", "Nightmare Before Christmas" and Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" said Flory

Flory started the Lights on David Street Halloween light show eight years ago in an attempt to draw in trick or treaters.

David Street used to be very dark on Halloween, so the area didn’t see many trick or treaters.

“The first year here, we had about 20 kids, and that just wasn’t enough,” Flory said. “So I started putting together the show as a way to tell the kids, ‘Hey! We have candy!’” Now, Flory sees about 200 trick-or-treaters per year.  

The show has grown so much over the years that it was named one of KWCH’s Top 10 Things to Do This Halloween in Wichita in 2013, and is still one of ICT’s best-loved Halloween traditions today.

Behind the Scenes

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Flory's new projector for the 2016 show.

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One of the channel boxes used in the show.

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Wiring for the faces on the front of the house.

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The laptop Flory uses to run the show, with a program called Light-o-rama.

The display uses RGB LED lights and floodlights with over one million possible colors. In addition to this, Flory uses a laptop, video tracks, audio tracks, 10 AC and DC light controllers, a custom 100 amp electric panel, an FM radio transmitter, thousands of lights, Inflatables, various props, and a projector.The projector has been upgraded for this year's show.

“I got a new projector this year, higher power because there’s a lot of ambient light in this neighborhood.” Flory Said. “It’s about five times brighter than the old projector.”

Each year, Flory spends hundreds of hours orchestrating his show, which runs on 126 electrical channels. Each light is manually programmed and timed to the music.

“Big mouth up there is the hardest to program,” Flory said, referring to the spooky light-up face above his garage. The face features five different mouth positions that allow it to sing along with the show. It also blinks from time to time.

In addition to programming and hanging the lights, Flory designs the set-up, and even builds his own weatherproof casings for projectors and channel boxes so the show can continue to run in the event of bad weather.

Flory runs the show from a laptop, using a commercial software program called Light-O-Rama. The program shows each of the lights on a timeline and allows Flory to program them individually by the second.

Check it Out

“I know a Halloween light show seems a bit uncommon compared to Christmas. Who's ever heard of a Halloween light show? Right?” Although they are few and far between, Flory notes that Halloween shows present some unique opportunities for visitors. “The weather is warmer for Halloween; kids can get out of the car and dance if they like, and there’s candy!” Flory said.

If you’re looking for fun and free Halloween fun, stop by and check it out.


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