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Best Fall Nature Walks in Wichita

Wichita has an abundance of self-guided trails providing the opportunity to explore nature in the heart of the city. As the leaves begin to change and the weather’s crisp air signals fall, it is the quintessential time put on your walking shoes and hit the trails.

Chisholm Creek Park

Chisholm Creek Park

6232 E. 29th St. North

More than 280 acres of natural grassland surrounds the Great Plains Nature Center and includes paved trails winding through wooded paths, open prairie, and around the wetland. Walkers can take breaks along the path to watch birds using provided benches or bridges. Visitors can either walk or ride their bicycles along trails lined with wild sunflowers. Dog walkers are provided a designated trail indicated by signs.

For visitors wanting to learn about the wildlife they see along the nature trail, the Great Plains Nature Center is located on-site and provides hands-on learning activities for all ages. The center hosts events such as “Art on the Trail” in the fall so check this link for upcoming budget-friendly programs.

Pawnee Prairie Park

Pawnee Prairie Park

2625 S. Tyler

Extensive trails dot the park’s map including designated paths for those on foot, pedaling a bike or riding a horse. Plans are in the works to renovate some of the more dated areas of the park. Photographers will appreciate the nature trail’s creekside wildlife and the open areas of the park allow for a colorful sunset view. Aviation enthusiasts will appreciate the location west of the city’s airport allowing them to watch air traffic throughout the day.

Swanson Park

 Swanson Park

1001 N. Maize

Designated a wild habitat area, the city park is a vast 93 acres of land home to all types of wildlife, including deer. The wooded trail is well shaded and serves as an inviting space for dog walkers on sunny days. Although the trail is paved, adventure seekers may appreciate the natural trails formed by deer winding throughout the park.

The nature trail is densely covered in trees providing visitors with the illusion that they are outside the city limits. Wild yellow flowers dot the landscape during the fall season.

Woodland Walk at Botanica

 Botanica Woodland Walk Wichit

701 Amidon St

Paved and winding through large, closely clustered trees, Botanica's Woodland Walk features a quarter mile trail exposing walkers to layers of natural scenery. Nestled off the trail you can view feeding areas provided for squirrels, running fox, and native birds.

Pack your binoculars and a camera. Bird watchers will appreciate the Woodland Bird Garden’s education stations provided to teach visitors about the birds’ natural habitat and food sources.

College Hill Park

College Hill Park

304 Circle Drive

If you’re someone who wants to walk amongst fall foliage of nearly every hue, then take a stroll through College Hill Park in autumn. Mature trees provide the backdrop to this well-manicured park where dog walkers meet up and kids are seen enjoying the playground equipment. Surrounding homes are often decorated for the season so you can count on seeing front porches adorned with colorful mums and autumnal wreaths on doors.


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